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Introducing AirSafe: Aircraft Tracking Service

December 05 2016

The loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and subsequent search shook the aviation and travel industries. “How can a plane simply go missing – don’t we track them?” was something we and many others in the satellite industry were asked over and over. The truth is, aircraft (much like ships before services like Spire Sense), aren’t actively tracked over oceanic areas or remote regions. It was clear to many around the aviation industry that would need to change.

Late last year, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a new tracking standard that mandates all planes report their position while over the ocean every 15 minutes starting in November of 2018. Unfortunately, the options for aircraft to comply with that mandate are few and costly. As industry specialists began looking for options, we started to hear more and more about how Spire may be able to not only fill the mandate but help provide what will be an essential service to a global industry.

Starting in 2017, we’ll begin launching aircraft tracking enabled satellites and begin beta testing Spire AirSafe with our first customers. The full service will arrive in time to meet the ICAO’s November 8th, 2018 mandate.  We’ll be holding a webinar for customers on 12/12 to detail the service rollout and pricing.

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