Introducing Dynamic AIS™ - Only from Spire Maritime

All firms focused on ship tracking and analysis have been challenged by gaps in AIS data in high ship traffic areas around the world.

Dynamic AIS™ is a world-first innovation from Spire Maritime that allows you to benefit from thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers traveling throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Our Dynamic AIS™ service provides an unprecedented impact in unique MMSIs received and frequency of position updates.

Unlike other satellite AIS providers, Spire Maritime has combined three types of AIS collection (Terrestrial, Satellite, Dynamic) into one service. This combination of resources delivered 56% more AIS messages, and 25% additional unique MMSIs in the South China Sea compared to Satellite and Terrestrial alone.

An unprecedented impact in major shipping route tracking

Spire d-ais Terrestrial, Satellite and Dynamic AIS™
Terrestrial and Satellite AIS only

Terrestrial AIS Satellite AIS Dynamic AIS™

More unique MMSI

1,500+ Dynamically moving AIS receiving stations on vessels throughout all major sea routes and HTZ Areas

Near real time

All this data is collected and updated via communications satellites every 15 minutes

Solving the HTZ Problem

Unlocking the previously invisible data from HTZ and increasing granularity in positional data

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Overcoming satellite communication obstacles in maritime High Traffic Zones

How can coverage on busy maritime routes be improved and how can we solve the AIS data gap problem?