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Satellite-based coverage

Ground based air traffic surveillance is designed to work around airports and populated areas but it falls short, or simply doesn’t exist over oceanic areas or the poles. Satellite-based coverage is free from those limitations and is the only way to reliably track aircraft over oceans and remote regions.

Uniquely Qualified

In 2016, Spire launched Sense, a ship tracking product, which relays the position of every Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipped ship in the ocean. ADS-B, which is used to track aircraft, is a very similar technology. The first Spire satellites equipped with ADS-B tracking are currently being built.

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AirSafe Beta in 2017

The first 25 aircraft tracking equipped satellites will launch in 2017 and trials of Spire’s AirSafe product will begin shortly thereafter.

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AirSafe Fully Operational in 2018

Spire’s complete AirSafe service will go live in 2018 in time for our customers to meet the ICAO 15-minute mandate.

Vastly Improved Emergency Response

Mandatory tracking standards are designed to make the skies safer and decrease the amount of time it takes to respond to emergencies. In many aircraft disasters, the lack of reliable tracking technology has left first responders to search insurmountably large regions.


Air France Flight 447

Search Area: 600,000+ sq mi
Search Area with 15-Minute Satellite ADS-B: 65,000 sq mi


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Search Area: 2,000,000 sq mi
Search Area with 15-Minute Satellite ADS-B: 65,000 sq mi


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May 04, 2017
May 04, 2017

Now Entering the Ionosphere!

What do the Northern Lights, your satnav, and our power grid have in common? They’re all affected by space weather.

March 29, 2017
March 29, 2017

How Do You Sift Through 1.5 Million Ship Messages?

Our goal is to make monitoring, tracking, and analyzing the world's maritime vessels as easy as possible. This starts with these improvements to our Messages API, a RESTful interface for ingesting decoded AIS messages and relevant metadata into your workflow or application.

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Learn about how we utilize data at Spire and how we funnel those into other platforms and mediums.

Satellite-based tracking

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