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The ability to have a new sensor deployed globally in just months is the holy grail of signals intelligence. Spire’s satellites are built to accept new payloads quickly, allowing for an incredibly fast rollout of new capabilities.

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Secure Real-Time Data From Custom Payloads

Built Quickly With Great Precision

Spire currently builds up to two satellites per week in its cleanroom via a tried-and-true production and testing process. Production scales up and down to meet the demands of our launch schedules.

Exponential Space Technology

The satellite iteration cycle at Spire is incredibly fast. Hardware improvements like updated sensors or antennas can go from design to production to launch in a matter of months. Advances in computing, radio, and sensing are continuously integrated in each generation of satellite. Spire has launched thirteen generations of the Lemur-2 spacecraft.


Go For Launch In Every Orbit

Satellites don’t take time off so neither should a company’s satellite operations. Spire has a global operations team which not only “flies” the satellites, but also maintains a state-of-the-art proprietary mission control system.

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Distributed Secure Operations

By placing satellites on a wide array of launches, satellites are put in many different complementary LEO orbits. Some orbits provide excellent coverage over the equator, while other provide revolutionary coverage over the arctic regions.


High-Security Data Pipeline

All communication between command machines and satellites is encrypted. Ground-stations never see encryption keys, cannot decrypt data, and only authorized operators are allowed access.


State-Of-The-Art Mission Control

Operations team members at Spire are never far from mission control. In fact, they can access satellites, command missions, and solve complex issues from an encrypted mobile-enabled interface.


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