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Advanced and Flexible Maritime domain data source

Customers use our combined Satellite and terrestrial AIS (Automatic Identification System) Sense data API to provide their analytics and business intelligence teams with unprecedented maritime data.

Popular Use Cases:

Alternative Data Source
For Institutional Investment Firms
Supply Chain Intelligence
For accurate risk assessment
Environment Regulations
Through awareness and compliance

Read how the American Bureau of Shipping drove operational improvement with Spire AIS Data

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Read how ClearMetal fused EDI Data with Spire AIS Data to greatly improve Port Alerting

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Satellite and Terrestrial AIS Data Services Products

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Vessels API

Easily track and visualize ships with Spire’s custom, constantly-updating vessels database. Access ship details along with positions and voyages. Quickly filter by area of interest, ship type, flag country, MMSI, IMO, arrival times, and more.

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Messages API

Work with decoded and cleansed AIS messages plus retrieve data from the 7-day archive. Create a custom stream based on area of interest, message type, collection type, flag country, and MMSI.

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Predict AI API

With typical AIS, you only know where a ship has been - not where it will be. Our Predict AI product gives you, with confidence, an accurate location for where a ship will be up to 8 hours into the future.

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Industry-leading Improvements

Spire's launch strategy has new satellites entering orbit nearly every month. That pays large dividends in revisit time - the ability to see more ships, more often. Continuous on-orbit satellite software upgrades lead to immediate improvements for customers, like boosts in unique MMSIs and messages collected. No other AIS provider makes system-wide improvements as fast as Spire.

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“Spire is an ideal partner for us because they are innovative and nimble, and focused on leading edge technology”
Chief Technology Officer Paul Woods, Global Fishing Watch

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April 24, 2018
April 24, 2018

Spire Data Now A Simple Integration for Existing Esri Customers

Spire Global Inc. and Esri, Inc. today announced the start of a new relationship that will enable Esri’s global user base across a broad range of industries to create even more powerful and effective products

March 01, 2018
March 01, 2018

Cutting Edge Supply Chain Intelligence with Spire Sense: Odyn Chooses Spire

Odyn.ai, a cutting-edge developer of logistics analytics, uses Spire as their supplier of global Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. The company’s analytics rely on Spire Sense’s fast revisit time over the open ocean to help make their predictive analytics possible.

February 01, 2018
February 01, 2018

Spire Launches into 2018 with 3 Launches in under 3 weeks

Launch is never boring and success is never a guarantee. With 16 launches now under our belt, the majority of those having launched in the last 2 years, Spire already launches satellites into orbit more often than any other company in the world. But 3 launches in under 3 weeks? We thought this deserved a mention.

February 01, 2018
February 01, 2018

UK Space Agency Backs Spire's Proposal to European Space Agency as Space Mission Provider

The UK Space Agency has awarded more than £4 million to Spire Global, a satellite powered data company, to demonstrate cutting-edge space technology including ‘parallel super-computing’, UK Government ministers Lord Henley and Lord Duncan announced today.

November 01, 2017
November 01, 2017

Fighting Illegal Fishing: Global Fishing Watch Now Utilizes Spire Data

Today, Spire Global Inc. announces Global Fishing Watch has successfully integrated Spire Sense data into its global transparency platform. The platform is the first publicly available system that tracks nearly all industrial-sized commercial fishing vessels on the ocean, giving governments, fisheries, industry, and NGO’s the information that they need to tackle the illegal fishing and overfishing that is decimating fish stocks.

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Learn about how we utilize data at Spire and how we funnel those into other platforms and mediums.

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