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May 29, 2015

Continuing our massive growth with $40 million Series B

Today we announced that we've raised $40M in Series B funding. With twenty satellites launching soon and the team to support our vastly expanding customer list, we've cemented Spire as a force in space-based data. The need for advancements in weather and maritime data is at an all-time high. A world-wide weather gap threatens lives and the bottom line. The need for global ship tracking, especially over the open ocean, continues to outpace more traditional technologies. 

It's our nature as innovators to never be satisfied. When we began building the first Ardusat, we were already thinking about our next 2 satellites. By the time we were finished with Lemur-1, we were already pointed ahead to how we impact the world with a constellation of 20 satellites. With our constellation of 20 satellites headed for orbit this year, we are looking forward to a constellation over 100 satellites and the life-changing applications of that data. 

This funding comes at an opportune time for our growth plans. At no point have we lowered our hiring standards and we'll continue to push the bar upwards as we move forward. The success that has been and the success that will be falls on the shoulders of the team members that deliver day in and day out at Spire. 

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