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Aug 28, 2017

More ships, more often, more intelligently: Spire Sense performance reaches new heights

No one element is responsible for tripling the data from our satellite network in under 6 months. It came from additional launches with upgraded hardware, software updates to existing satellites, an improved ground station network, and the hard work of many teams within Spire. The relentless work of our team is also paying off in the form of Sense Vessels, our ship database of over 300k unique vessels. As of today, Sense Vessels is officially out of beta and ready for widespread customer use. Users can query Vessels for the last known position, voyage, and static information about any specific ship rather than having to sift through millions of messages.

Looking forward, Sense Predict will soon be available. It leverages machine learning and Spire’s data to estimate a ship’s position several hours in the future. In many ways, Predict will bring refresh and latency times down to zero as a confident prediction of a ship’s current location will always be available.

Finally, we want you to know where we’re headed. Thanks to the robustness of our satellite and ground network, which continue to meet and exceed expectations, we’ve charted our performance projections for the rest of the year and are sharing it.



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