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Jul 15, 2018

Spire's first 4 ADS-B equipped satellites enter orbit

Today was an important day for Spire and for the aviation industry as 4 new LEMUR2 satellites entered orbit carrying Spire’s new AirSafe payload alongside their usual suite of ship and weather tracking sensors. They begin the process of adding complete global plane tracking coverage to our constellation of nanosatellites.

Aircraft tracking is a critical need globally. Ground-based tracking only goes so far and the expense of operating ground sites in remote locations is often so cost prohibitive that no one wants to be the company that does it. By putting aircraft tracking onto Spire satellites, we will alleviate those concerns and fill the large gaps in coverage.

These satellites mark the 78th through 81st LEMUR2 satellites to reach orbit (bringing our current total in orbit to 61). Spire’s satellites are launched in Low Earth Orbit where they experience short (under 5 year) lifespans. By launching and replacing satellites often, Spire is consistently increasing the capability of the constellation. Today’s deployment is a great example of how this strategy can bring entirely new technologies to orbit quickly.

Like any LEMUR2 satellites, these four will be put through a battery of tests. Once passed, they will enter production mode where they produce data for all of Spire’s products – including Spire AirSafe.

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