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Spire Airsafe

Space-based, global coverage from take-off to landing.
Space ADS-B
Nanosatellites are the only cost-effective way of collecting ADS-B data from remote regions and observing an aircraft’s full flight profile. Extending beyond the coverage of ground stations means smoother operations and routing.
ADS-B Enabled Satellites Today
Updated 2018-12-15
Air traffic over NYC and Philadelphia
Air traffic over NYC and Philadelphia - image
Early Space-Based Sample Data
Early Space-Based Sample Data - image
Service Status

Early trials have started. 

Results from downlinked sample data shows satellite performance is as expected (or better).


Improved Operations - image
How Can ADS-B Data Help You?
Getting Off The Ground

Getting Off The Ground - image

If you're ready to start a conversation about how Spire's space-based ADS-B can help you or your business, let's begin a conversation. Satellites are quickly being put into service and there has never been a day better than today to prepare for integrating AirSafe.

ITOCHU Taps Spire for Data
Spire Global Inc, the world’s largest space-to-cloud data analytics company, and ITOCHU Corporation, one of the largest trading companies in Japan and among the world's largest companies, announced that the two will partner in a reseller partnership agreement for Spire’s data package and exclusively on space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data specifically designed for improved global tracking of aircraft. ITOCHU will be representing Spire within the Japanese market and the rest of APAC.
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