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The coming decades will be defined and led by those who make the best use of data.
Protect, defend, and serve
Protect, defend, and serve
The world is a large place where security and stability is often thinner than people would like to think: transactions both legal and illegal happen every second of every day, weather and climate threaten global stability, and even solar activity can throw a wrench in government activity. Every agency in the world is on the search for data they can trust and any advantage they can get. How can we help you find an edge?
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Total Electron Content

The ionosphere represents just 0.1% of the total mass of Earth’s atmosphere. Yet, when there is a solar event like a solar flare, the effect not only creates the Northern Lights but also has a detrimental effect on radio signals and GNSS, blocking reliable communications and positioning information. Spire collects TEC data that can be used to help protect critical instruments and augment GPS sensors for maximum accuracy.

What Happened to The Ionosphere During the Solar Eclipse?
What Happened to The Ionosphere During the Solar Eclipse? - image
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Case Study

Filling Gaps In Arctic Maps

Case Study - image

With gaps in terrestrial coverage and infrequent updates from satellite services with less polar coverage, new shipping routes caused by changes in trade and climate threaten to go unnoticed. Spire worked with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to redraw the maps when it came to arctic ship traffic. Early ice melt in the Arctic opened up never before seen routes and may continue to change the face of trade. 

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