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Our employees have a relentless desire for self-improvement, and it isn’t just limited to work. They take classes, travel the world, learn instruments and languages, and run their first marathons.

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Collaborative : All Offices Are Headquarters

People collaborate across all boundaries of space and time zones. There is no “end of the day.” As the sun sets on one location, the baton is passed to another. Everyone relies on each other and is responsible for one another.

High Emotional Quotient (EQ)

EQ is a measure of a person's ability to recognize others' emotions and understand their own. Having a high EQ means you are an excellent communicator and adaptable to changing social environments. No matter where you plug in your laptop at Spire, you are only an instant message away from a coworker who can help. 

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We are building a business that has the potential to impact every person on the planet.
— Peter Platzer, CEO
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