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Senior Ionosphere Modeller

Spire — Glasgow
Senior Ionosphere Modeller  - image

Spire Global is a 150-person space data company founded in 2012. In less than six years, Spire has built one of the world's largest satellite constellations, and we're just getting started. We’re recruiting a Senior Ionosphere Modeller to join a growing group of experts working on satellite-based, GNSS-enabled science.

The Senior Ionospheric Modeller will actively build the capability to model the ionosphere for assimilating new and existing global total electron content (TEC) data to address a variety of applications in space weather monitoring. Among other applications, this capability will enable Spire to provide near real-time corrections to GNSS location-based services and their providers, leading to greater confidence in applications that require high accuracy and resiliency, such as autonomous vehicle navigation.

This is an exciting opportunity for motivated scientists to team with satellite developers, data assimilation, and computer scientists in Spire, as well as scientists from around the world to assimilate unprecedented large amounts of GNSS-TEC satellite data to improve ionosphere models and forecasts. The successful candidate will join the worldwide GNSS and ionospheric research team.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Build Spire’s ionosphere modeling capability, specifically harnessing Spire’s unique satellite-based ionospheric measurements for assimilation and near real-time estimates of ionospheric corrections and service alerts to GNSS users.
  • Coordinating project deliverables and driving each milestone to successful completion.
  • Support Spire’s efforts to develop marketable products based on the Spire ionosphere model.
  • Working with team members to measure the impact of assimilation of GNSS-TEC satellite data on model accuracy.

 Qualifications / Experience:

  • PhD (preferred) or MS in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, applied physics, or related field and a publication record in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Demonstrated experience in the development and operation of an ionospheric model and assimilation of external data.
  • Expertise in GNSS-based ionospheric observations, including TEC measurements and scintillation indices.
  • Expertise in developing global ionospheric modeling systems.
  • Knowledge of ionospheric geography, how empirical and physics models of the ionosphere operate, geophysical indices, and ionospheric data (availability and processing).
  • Ability to design and undertake test and verification campaigns.
  • Exceptionally well-organized, with the ability to go as deep as needed in any project to identify and resolve problems.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Understanding of the importance of TEC data for navigation and positioning accuracy.
  • Experience and knowledge in computer-based statistics data analysis and post-processing are desirable.
  • Fluent knowledge of programming languages (e.g., python and scripting) for debugging and optimizing codes in a Linux environment is required.
  • Demonstration of the ability to work as part of a development team is necessary.