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DSP Engineer

Spire — Singapore
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Spire Global is a space data company founded in 2012. In less than six years, Spire has built one of the world's largest satellite constellations, and we're just getting started. Working on our satellites offers software developers a chance to interact with the fullest of stacks, and this position can be customised to fit a variety of experiences and skill sets.

Spire Global is seeking a confident and experienced DSP Engineer to become a key contributor on satellite payloads. Projects are diverse, fast paced and include work with numerous standards. The candidate we are looking for will have strong analytical skills and be familiar with digital modulation schemes as well as software-defined radio techniques.

To succeed in the role, you are able to write high-quality software for embedded platforms, and develop state-of-the-art DSP algorithms. You will be a member of a multidisciplinary satellite payload team working on radio receiver development. You will be involved with development for our full software stack on the ground as well as on our satellites. Key job functions will include design, simulation and high-performance implementations of DSP functions, hardware/software integration and test planning, implementation and execution.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Having a minimum of two years relevant industry work experience
  • Solid understanding of communications theory and digital radio communication principles, including e.g. modulation schemes, receiver models, filtering, source coding, the Viterbi algorithm
  • Demonstrated ability to implement production-quality DSP algorithms in C and Python
  • Experience from writing highly efficient DSP algorithm implementations for embedded targets, in C or assembly as needed
  • Familiarity with software-defined radio, and related common tools and equipment, e.g. GNU Radio and USRP
  • Experience from working with a data-driven and evidence-based work methodology
  • Interest in learning and sharing knowledge
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • Mathematical and statistical skills
  • Strong work ethic, and being capable of working independently

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Good understanding of common machine learning techniques
  • Experience from design and implementation of DSP functions in FPGAs
  • Understanding of RF and antenna design
  • Experience from investigating and mitigating EMI issues
  • Experience from working in a multi-disciplinary team spanning multiple time-zones
  • Familiarity with common laboratory equipment, e.g. oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer