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Constellation Modelling Engineer

Spire — Glasgow
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Spire Global is a 160-person space data company founded in 2012 that designs and operates one of the largest satellite constellations in the world, and several analytics applications. The company owns the entire stack from custom hardware to customer APIs.

As part of the drive to better serve our customers and deliver higher volumes of lower-latency data, Spire is on the forefront of driving constellation automation. To further optimize its constellation operations, Spire is seeking an experienced modelling engineer to develop high fidelity models of the constellation, its payloads and its communication links as complexity and product requirements are ever-increasing.

As an engineer at Spire, you’ll move fast, iterate quickly, and solve global problems. You might be the right fit if you love exciting technical challenges, hate getting bored, and enjoy collaborating with engineers who are changing the way the world thinks about space, satellites, and data. You will join a team responsible for the design and maintenance of our constellation management system.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Develop constellation simulation tools, including payload models, coverage and revisit time modeling, latency modeling, ground-station contact analysis, inter-satellite link analysis, data budgets etc.
  • Coordinate with spacecraft and constellation software teams to build accurate models of subsystems and processes
  • Work with software teams to productionize models and run them in operations
  • Design and trade off various constellation network model architectures to select optimal topologies
  • Leverage existing in-house tools and industry-standard constellation simulation tools (e.g. STK)
  • Help design the basis of a constellation communications model, including ground-station links, inter-satellite links, optical links, payload scheduling etc.
  • Maintain and refine models based on satellite telemetry

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Degree in science, engineering, or math
  • Strong programming experience (Python preferred)
  • Experience using aerospace modelling tools (e.g. STK, Matlab/Simulink)
  • Experience modelling physical systems and processes
  • Experience using models in the real world, using real telemetry or sensor data
  • Basic data analytics and data processing to parse and visualize model outputs
  • Good working knowledge of spacecraft orbital dynamics
  • Basic working knowledge of communications systems engineering (e.g. link budgets)

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Demonstrated experience with satellite communications systems
  • Demonstrated experience with LEO constellation modelling
  • Knowledge of routing algorithms for data in spatio-temporal networks such as Low Earth Orbit satellite constellations
  • Basic machine learning and data science skills
  • Experience with C programming
  • Well-versed in Linux and Git

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