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Senior Numerical Weather Prediction Lead

Spire — Boulder
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Spire Global is seeking an experienced and motivated NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) modeler to lead a model team to implement, improve and validate its global weather forecast systems including the next-generation non-hydrostatic global model dynamical cores and physical parameterization packages suitable for high-impact weather forecasts at high resolution globally.

Spire Global weather forecasting systems, including data assimilation, are developed in support of our satellite missions to test the value and impact of large number of Radio Occultation (GNSS-RO) soundings on global weather forecasts.

This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated NWP modeler to lead an NWP team. The selectee will work with data assimilation and software engineers (SEs) in Spire, as well as scientists from around the world to assimilate unprecedented amounts of GNSS-RO satellite data to make weather forecasts better. The successful candidates will join our weather team at Spire branch office in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The goal of the successful candidate is to lead Spire’s NWP team to develop and deliver a state-of-art next generation non-hydrostatic global model and to collaborate with Spire’s data assimilation scientists and software engineers to assimilate and demonstrate the positive impact of large amounts of R-O data on weather forecasts. The model team will also support the technical products team for weather business opportunities.

Responsibilities include following tasks:

  • Further development and improvement on Spire next generation non-hydrostatic global model suitable for high-resolution, high-impact weather forecasts.
  • Leading modeling efforts to integrate dynamics and physics components into Spire’s modeling systems.
  • Overseeing Spire’s model high-resolution daily runs to deliver world class weather forecasts.
  • Coordinating model team efforts to support data assimilation scientists in use of Spire’s Radio Occultation data to improve weather forecasts.
  • Providing technical assistance to Spire technical product and business teams in supporting Spire business campaigns.
  • Presenting Spire model activities in scientific conferences and/or prompting Spire world class weather forecast performance in business meetings.


  • Applicant must have a PhD degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, or other related fields with at least five years’ atmospheric model development experience.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art dynamical cores and/or physical parameterizations suitable for high-resolution NWP models,
  • Proven track record of leading a team to develop NWP models for weather forecasts
  • In-depth knowledge of NWP model’s applications to real-time weather forecasts, their programming, testing and quality assurance,
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire, lead and manage a team of PhD level modelers to accomplish successful projects
  • Good understanding of NWP model’s applications to satellite data assimilations is desirable.

Spire Global is a space-to-cloud analytics company that owns and operates the largest multi-purpose constellation of satellites. Its proprietary data and algorithms provide the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking in the world. In addition to its constellation, Spire’s data infrastructure includes a global ground station network and 24/7 operations that provide real-time global coverage of every point on Earth.



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