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Sales Engineer, Aviation

Spire — San Francisco
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About Spire

In the time it takes you to read this job description our low earth orbit nanosatellites would have passed overhead at least three times traveling at around 8km a second. Onboard, the satellites are collecting and downloading radio signals (data) that help drive value across the Maritime, Weather and Aviation industries.

Since Spire’s first launch in 2013, we’ve put up more than 100 satellites, each batch better than the previous one (at the time of this writing, we are on our 18th iteration).  Our satellites have three payloads: Our AIS data receiver, our GNSS/GPS radio occultation receiver, and our ADS-B aircraft signal receiver.

The Spire Aviation team is focused on taking that data and impacting the world in positive ways.


As a Sales Engineer, you will be the primary technical contact to customers on behalf of Spire's aviation products. Successful candidates will have a good balance of experience with SaaS applications, APIs, and providing solutions to customers.

Objectives Include: 

  • Own the customer journey. Execute product demos. Onboard our customers. Support them by responding to their questions and replicating their issues. Empower them to get answers quickly by maintaining and adding content to our knowledge base and developer portal.
  • Survey and analyze our global aviation data to help sales and product teams reach out to potential customers.
  • Identify and own critical product issues that impact customers and work with data services to resolve them.
  • Raise desired feature requests from customers for future development.

 Qualifications Include:

  • 2+ years of experience in a customer-facing engineering or technical support role
  • Working knowledge of REST APIs, TCP/IP and SaaS infrastructure
  • Replicating and resolving customer issues
  • Quality assurance and testing of APIs
  • Upholding best practices in customer messaging platforms (Intercom, ZenDesk, etc.)
  • Python programming, calling API services and handling data in JSON format. 
  • Familiarity with SQL databases
  • Familiarity with Big Data analytics platforms (Redshift, BigQuery, etc.)
  • Experience writing scripts in Bash or similar etc.
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Writing knowledge base articles
  • Bachelor's degree or higher strongly preferred

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Knowledge of aviation domain and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data
  • Experience working with customers within the aviation domain
  • Experience with Business Information and Data Analytics
  • Visualizing data via common business intelligence tools (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.)
  • Experience with software automation that interacts with Google Cloud Platform and/or Amazon Web Services
  • Working knowledge of the R programming language or similar statistical programming language
  • Experience defining and publishing product metrics for company dashboards

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