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Demand Generation Marketer

Spire — Luxembourg, Remote US
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In the time it takes you to read this job description our low earth orbit nanosatellites would have passed overhead at least three times traveling at around 8km a second. Onboard, the satellites are collecting and downloading radio signals (data) that help drive value across the Maritime, Weather and Aviation industries.

Since Spire’s first launch in 2013, we’ve put up more than 100 satellites, each batch better than the previous one (at the time of this writing, we are on our 18th iteration).  Our satellites have three payloads: Our AIS data receiver, our GNSS/GPS radio occultation receiver, and our ADS-B aircraft signal receiver.

The Spire Maritime team is focused on taking that data and impacting the world in positive ways. We are looking for a data-driven, hands-on, passionate, high energy, and scrappy marketing professional who can take our demand generation function to the next level.

This position requires an understanding of our industry and buyer dynamics, identifying growth levers to find new customers, and the ability to execute marketing campaigns supporting Spire’s aggressive growth plans.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Execute and drive multi-channel B2B demand generation strategy and campaigns to drive business metrics (MQLs, SQLs, opportunities, pipeline, sales cycle)  
  • Drive strategy and execution of smart, segmented lead nurturing programs to engage prospects in the funnel and increase conversion rates from leads to sales conversations
  • Align content creation (blog posts, white papers, case studies, emails, landing pages, webinars) and campaign plans with sales and customer success teams to ensure tight coordination and execution
  • Define the appropriate marketing mix, based on customer insights using various mediums including digital, email, events, social media and other channels
  • Own the end-to-end coordination and management of outbound demand generation campaigns including planning, promotion, execution, follow-up, and reporting
  • Collaborate with the creative team by delivering comprehensive creative briefs to ensure timely assets for campaign execution
  • Identify opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness through better audience segmentation, marketing techniques, and processes
  • Recruit, hire, train, motivate, and coach team members as needed


  • 5+ years of B2B demand generation experience, preferably at software-as-a-service (SaaS) or API platform high-growth technology companies
  • Strong experience developing, executing, and measuring demand generation and nurture programs for our B2B audiences
  • Familiarity with the technology sales cycle and how to employ marketing communications to nurture leads and accelerate growth
  • Experience with multiple marketing and sales technologies, including media platforms, marketing automation, CRM’s, SEO and Analytics platforms
  • Knowledge of lead generation, content creation, digital marketing, and reporting
  • Strong analytical mindset with the ability to translate complex data sets into concrete business recommendations in a language that everyone can easily understand 
  • Ability to design, analyze, and utilize results from A/B tests

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Aviation Engineering1

Space Program Engineering17

Weather Engineering4

Space Program Science & Research3

Weather Science & Research1


BMSS (Sales and Marketing)12


Business Operations1

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