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Software Engineer, Backend and APIs

Spire — San Francisco
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Spire Product Engineering develops products that provide company and government customers a uniquely precise understanding of what’s happening in the world in areas like weather, air traffic, shipping, and more. The insights are produced by combining the firehose of sensor data produced by 50+ Spire satellites with external data sources, processing the data using statistical and machine learning pipelines, and packaging the data for external consumption using our APIs.

As a backend software engineer, you’ll be developing the services that our customers interface with.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Designing, implementing and documenting web services and APIs.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Experience building teams and ideas on how to build teams
  • Experience building APIs and examples. Know what a good or bad API is.
  • Some professional experience with software development.
  • Domain flexibility, good communication skills, and preference for simple, robust solutions.
  • Experience with interpreted and system languages (such as Python, Go).
  • Experience with web services.