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Feb 06, 2019

Spire Maritime: The 7 Principles of our in-Spire'd Approach

1. Our customer is at the center

  • Spire Maritime’s roadmap reflects our industries’ ever changing landscape
  • We are constantly researching trends, collecting feedback, and actively learning
  • We consolidated our infrastructure, stabilised our main dataset, and confirmed its viability with our customers. It’s now time to push for more innovation in how we gather, process, and deliver your data

2. We put in maximum effort

  • Spire has formed a dedicated Maritime Team, made up of 20 people and counting, to push the Satellite AIS maritime segment forward with unique innovation
  • Representatives in San Francisco, Luxembourg and Singapore are accessible 24/7 for any sales or support questions
  • We operate with a flexible commercial approach, straightforward T&Cs, and tailor proposals for your unique business case

3. Committed to continuous R&D and innovation

  • As of writing, we currently have 72 active satellites communicating to a network of 30+ ground stations. This collected effort is key to Spire’s data lake being reliable, consistent, and uniquely augmented with additional layers
  • We have a proprietary data analytics and machine learning model (Predict Now) and we partner with the top dataset providers in the industry to integrate enhanced data to our APIs (cargo info, active ETA and routing, Port Calls, and analytics etc.)
  • Our aim is to fuse enhanced datasets with our own AIS data-feed to provide the fastest, most complete, and reliable cutting edge APIs

4. We grow as you grow

  • Our business model develops with your needs in mind. We align ourselves with your developments and endeavour to create data synergies wherever possible
  • We adapt to serve startups and provide additional on-boarding support
  • We value the feedback we collect. It is key to our product development as these insights allow us to improve and increase our layers of data as your needs evolve

5. Total maritime domain awareness

  • Our satellite AIS data-feed is the smarter choice in terms of quantity, quality, and pricing
  • We cover AIS-data globally and extend our offering with variable maritime weather forecasts as well as additional data layers through strategic partnerships. Our latest Spire Fusion environment provides a great front end to data and SAR imagery adds a new level of insight
  • As a standard data provider with a deep understanding for our customer needs, we build a complete picture from which you can pick out what you need, when you need it

6. Rethinking the way we access data

  • We build and develop APIs to reduce noise as well as provide more accuracy and relevance. It is easy to plug them into dual and layered visualisation tools or advanced analytics systems
  • We leverage modern plug-and-play technologies to deliver only the most relevant data as fast and efficiently as possible
  • End-users are now waking up to digitalisation. We provide the first data layer to which you can add value and deliver through user-friendly interfaces tailored to your customers

7. Together for the long-run

  • Our customers drive our focus and our efforts. We are constantly evolving our solutions by optimising our maritime awareness data to grow alongside you as the industry becomes increasingly digital

If you like our approach and business model, get in touch with us to discuss how our AIS data and APIs can help your business.

The Future of Vessel Tracking and the Maritime Domain
The Future of Vessel Tracking and the Maritime Domain page image

Spire has the world’s largest constellation of maritime satellites, giving you the ultimate vantage point for observing the world’s ships. Our satellites see everything, everywhere, around the clock.

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