A modern, web-based global vessel application and your new porthole into the world’s shipping

Shipview is an easy-to-use viewing tool that allows users to see all the ship positions produced by their AIS data service and then plots them on a familiar set of map layers to enhance the viewing experience.

Get started with Shipview

Spire Global satellite constellation still

Using Shipview and AIS data you can:

  • Find vessels anywhere in the world using single line searching
  • Make faster decisions using built-in filtering tools
  • Configure any ships map layer to automatically generate alerts
  • Add external map layers from any OGC WMS or Esri ArcGIS servers
  • Download data sets to improve offline review, analysis, and reporting

Ship Tracking

  • Plot and visualize latest ship positions, view critical ship information, and gain access to historical track data for each ship back to July 2010
  • Improves maritime monitoring of ship activities in the world or your area of interest by providing dynamic and up-to-date ship information
  • Look back on a ship’s track over a 3-year period or choose a date range with the ship track toolkit to specify the timeline of interest
  • Longer ship track history allows for easier trend analysis and provides a comprehensive picture of patterns and behaviors to save users valuable time and effort when performing in-depth analyses into global shipping traffic
  • Download data sets to improve offline review, analysis, and reporting

Modern, Web-based Application

  • Access the web application anywhere, anytime, and on any modern platform from mobile to desktop
  • Improved efficiencies as exactEarth now “hosts” the data and the application (SaaS), saving users money and time setting up and managing an in-house application and database

Map Navigation

  • Familiar navigational tools standard in mapping applications


  • Single line searching to find ships by name, IMO, MMSI, Flag, or destination while also returning the ship’s photo from our expansive library
  • Search by drawn area, circle, or EEZ, or import in your own polygon files from your existing systems for easier navigation and analysis
  • Simplifies the process for finding a ship of interest anywhere in the world, saving users significant time


  • Add, edit, or delete filters to subset the current view to only those ships that match the input criteria selected from any attribute available
  • Create easy-to-define rules that can be shared with other Shipview users
  • Choose from an expansive list of detailed ship types to narrow your search results even further
  • Efficient analysis process as ships that meet the criteria asked are returned quickly, building accurate situational awareness in very little time

Add OGC or Esri External Map Layers

  • Load any OGC WMS or Esri Map, Feature, or Tiled Map Service to Shipview as either map layer or base map
  • Ease of interoperability, either using in-house or external map services to view alongside exactAIS

Bookmarks and Gazetteer

  • Quickly zoom to user-defined areas of interest
  • Saves time and effort when trying to view frequently visited areas when time is of the essence


  • Configure any ship’s map layer to automatically generate alerts whenever a ship matches or no longer matches specified criteria
  • Alerts can be sent via e-mail to allow for quicker response time to situations in an area of interest
  • Instant delivery of critical updates for improved decision-making and responsiveness using the most up-to-date and accurate information

Download and Save Data

  • Easily download a data set of either all ships or the ships currently in view
  • Improves offline review, analysis, and reporting by loading ship information into software or databases of choice