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Strengthening global weather awareness for the business world through innovative space-based, AI-powered weather insights to optimize costs, increase safety and boost decarbonisation.

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Who are we?

One-stop global weather hub for the world’s key industries

With one of the largest constellation of nano satellites orbiting in close proximity to Earth and using an innovative technique called radio occultation to collect thousands of atmospheric readings a day, Spire Weather monitors pressure, humidity and temperature 24/7 across all points of the globe including the most remote regions to the open oceans.

Save time with our advanced, user-friendly Weather APIs and choose customized weather data packages to address your specific use case.

Watch our video to see our vast weather portfolio of historical weather data, current weather and weather forecasts solutions available.

Who are we?

Harnessing space technology to power global weather forecasts for the world’s key industries

Whether you want to plan your wind energy production, irrigate your crops as a farmer or plan your sea vessel’s schedule for the next year, Spire Weather is a one-stop weather solution provider for all your weather needs. With its vast portfolio of historical weather data, current weather and weather forecasts solutions available, you don’t need to knock on different doors.

Our advanced, easy-to-use Weather APIs will save you a lot of time. Tell us how the weather impacts your business. Let’s work together and choose weather variables that will minimize disruptions to your operations. With Spire Weather, you can choose customized weather data packages that address your specific business use case.

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Here’s the full list of our weather data services you can avail:

Maritime weather
Current weather
Historical weather data
Global weather forecast

Here’s the full list of our weather data services you can avail:

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Maritime Weather

Weather intelligence from space to your fingertips

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Current Weather

Make confident, trusted business decisions

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Historical Weather

Tap into the hidden value of historical weather data

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Weather Forecast

Unlocking new capabilities to build a better world

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How can we help you?

Save your time, costs and research efforts to grow your business to its full potential with the support of Spire Weather’s complete, reliable spectrum of weather solutions.

Easy to use Weather APIs

Access unique, rich weather datasets that have been through the process of data assimilation and run through machine learning algorithms to increase accuracy. We do the hard work for you to save you time and costs. Many companies don’t have the computing power or resources to perform such exhaustive processing, that’s where Spire Weather steps in to fill this gap and provide ready-to-use, understandable global weather insights.

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Customize your weather data variables

You have the liberty to choose the variables that you require. Customize your variables that will provide key insights into your critical business needs. Unlike freely available weather data, Spire Weather’s solution is flexible and user-friendly.

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Seamless integration and support

Our modern APIs and web mapping service (WMS) visualizations integrate Spire into your existing workflows, piping data wherever you need it. Get outstanding support from the Spire team every step of the way.

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Enhance your global weather awareness

With Spire’s user-friendly Weather APIs, you can tailor your weather data packages as per your need. Our global coverage will provide you with complete situational awareness around the location of your interest. With our innovative satellite technology, you can access weather insights for any point on the globe.

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24/7 Data Collection

A continuous scan of the atmosphere creates a unique unbiased weather observation dataset and gives Spire an unparalleled understanding of the evolution of global weather patterns.

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3D Global Coverage

Our satellite constellation provides a truly global weather observation network, including remote regions and oceans, with horizontal and vertical coverage from the surface up to 120 km.

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Over 100+ Satellites

With more than 100+ LEMUR Satellites, Spire has one of the world’s largest private satellite constellations, continuously growing with each new launch.

How are we different?

Advancing global weather awareness with space technology

Spire Global is at the forefront of the space frontier and innovation lies at the heart of its business model. Constantly innovating, Spire launches improved satellites every six months into space so as to increase its existing constellation and consequently, amplifying its ability to collect accurate observations from the upper echelons of the atmosphere. Using a technique known as radio occultation, Spire is able to gather over thousands of radio occultation measurements every 24 hours that enhance the value of its weather forecasts.

By running these RO (radio occultation) readings along with weather data from multiple sources, Spire creates weather forecasts that accurately predicts the weather impact on your operations.

This empowers you to make the best business decision possible.

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What is Radio Occultation?

Radio occultation is a measurement that creates a detailed profile of conditions that extend from the Earth’s surface through the stratosphere and into the upper atmosphere (ionosphere). Radio occultation improves the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Spire Global collects thousands of these measurements each day. Low-Earth orbit satellites receive GNSS signals that have passed through and been refracted by the atmosphere. The level of refraction is dependent on the pressure, temperature, and water vapor concentration in the lower atmosphere and the electron density in the ionosphere. The radio occultation measurements scan the atmosphere vertically, providing a thorough picture of atmospheric conditions.

Today, RO (radio occultation) is used for remote sensing including weather forecasting, monitoring climate change, and space weather research. RO creates detailed measurements our atmosphere’s temperature, pressure, humidity, and electron density that is essential for tackling the planet’s current climate issues and monitoring both growth and development of new weather patterns.

In-house team of weather experts

At Spire, we believe that innovation is a team effort and success occurs across cultures, markets, and even space. Our dynamic teams create groundbreaking data solutions that revolutionize markets and we do it every day with eagerness and hard work.

Meet some of our key in-house experts:

“It’s a really interesting time in history to be an atmospheric scientist, and certainly to be joining a company like Spire, which is fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities associated with weather analysis and forecasting. A day doesn’t go by without a news headline focused on the impact weather is having on humanity, the environment, and the global economy. Spire is uniquely positioned to empower governments and companies around the world with space-based data that can help advance understanding and mitigation of the impacts of extreme weather.”

Dr. Kevin Petty
Vice President of Weather
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“Accurate and reliable weather forecasts are crucial to cope with the impacts of weather hazards and climate change and to help businesses thrive; these forecasts depend on high-quality observations of the atmosphere. Spire’s impressive satellite constellation provides important observations across the globe that enhance our forecasting capability.”

Alan Thorpe
Scientific Advisor
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“I am proud to work with Spire where we’re a team of people with different specialties, experts in small satellite engineering, experts in software engineering, experts like me in data assimilation, weather forecasting and even machine learning, ground station building that are needed for contacting satellites that we get data from.

Dusanka Zupanski
Senior Director of Data Assimilation
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What our customers say

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“Rocket launches are extensively pre-planned for a specific outcome, where the launch window is calculated based on the location of the destination on its orbit. Weather events have a direct impact on the actual mission itself, therefore are monitored frequently within the site region. We expect that having access to the Spire Point Optimized Weather forecasts will increase our chances of performing a safe launch, leading to a successful mission, even in the most remote locations.”

Lloyd Damp
CEO – Southern Launch

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“We’re a specialist company that does remote sensing, so we know the value that satellite technology brings to the table. This is why we’re so happy Spire provides such data points using satellite technology as it covers the entire world without any gaps. Before, the level of accuracy was only 75% but now with Spire’s integration, it’s gone up to 95%.”

Rishikiesh Sapre
Co-founder – Mantle Labs

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“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business development manager – Predictwind

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