Weather Pricing

Basic bundle

The basic bundle provides the most commonly used weather surface variables

Air temperatureYes
Relative humidityYes
Dewpoint temperatureYes
Wind speed & direction?Yes
Air pressure?Yes
Wind gust speed?Yes

Market-specific bundles


The Maritime bundle provides oceanographic forecasts at sea level

Sea surface temperatureYes
Ocean currents speed and direction?Yes
Significant wave heightYes


The aviation bundle provides a vertical forecast at flight levels

Air temperatureYes
Relative humidityYes
Wind speed & direction?Yes
Horizontal surface visibilityYes
Height for maximum wind?Yes
Maximum horizontal wind speed and direction?Yes
Clear air turbulance?Yes
Aircraft icing?Yes


The agricultural bundle provides surface level forecast for agriculture or soil.

Dewpoint temperatureYes
Skin (surface) temperatureYes
Specific humidityYes
Soil moisture (0 to 200cm)?Yes
Soil temperature (0 to 200cm)?Yes
Latent heat fluxYes
Sensible heat fluxYes
Incoming shortwave radiation?Yes
Incoming longwave adiation?Yes
Outgoing shortwave radiation?Yes
Outgoing longwave radiationYes
Outgoing longwave radiation - Top of the atmosphereYes

Upper air

The Upper Air bundle provides vertical forecasts at multiple Isobaric levels

Geopotential heightYes
u-wind componentYes
v-wind componentYes
Relative humidityYes
Vertical velocityYes
Absolute vorticityYes
Cloud water mixing ratioYes
Cloud ice mixing ratioYes


For thunderstorm conditions, the following information is available:

Convective Available Potential Energy at whole atmosphereYes
Convective Inhibition at whole atmosphereYes
Lifted IndexYes
Storm-relative helicityYes
Storm motion (eastward and northward component)Yes
0-6 km shear vector (eastward and northward component)Yes
Precipitable WaterYes

Renewable energy bundle

A bundle dedicated to wind and solar power, with:

The eastward and northward components of wind at 80mYes
The eastward and northward components of wind at 100mYes
The eastward and northward components of wind at 120mYes
Air temperatureYes


Let us create a customized package that perfectly fit your needs.