Unlocking the power of multi-objective algorithms for voyage optimization and vessel performance

Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to join Spire Weather’s highly anticipated webinar featuring two extraordinary experts: Chris Manzeck, a brilliant Meteorologist and Product Marketing Manager at Spire Global, and Peter Mantel, an accomplished Master Mariner and Chief Commercial Officer at Theyr. Mark your calendars for June 29th at 15:00 CET and secure your spot now!

The speakers will discuss how vessel performance goals vary depending on the company’s priorities. Also, they will highlight that to accurately assess the various performance options, companies require tools that provide high-fidelity calculations and models, which can be updated as needed.

These tools should include a high-fidelity model of the ship’s power-speed relationship under different weather and loading conditions, as well as accurate weather prediction data. Other specialized models may also be necessary, such as those that account for the power consumption of refrigerated container units (reefers) or specialized wind analysis tools.

Join the webinar to see how Spire’s Voyage Optimization solution powered by Theyr is unique and capable of leveraging its multi-objective algorithm to drive forward the maritime industry into a sustainable future.


Chris Manzeck
Chris Manzeck
Meteorologist and Product Marketing Manager
Spire Global


Peter Mantel
Peter Mantel
Chief Commercial Officer

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