Space Analytics Data Lake

Sharing Earth Information

The Data Lake is a vast repository of raw information directly connected to the movement of the world’s resources and the atmosphere’s most important parameters.


The Space Analytics Data Lake is the cornerstone of the Space Data Exploitation Initiative established between the Luxembourg Space Agency and Spire Global.

It is a collaborative initiative designed to spur the development of commercial space research by providing consistently updated, reliable data at no cost to the academic and research communities.

It is a comprehensive repository of raw data collected by the global constellation of Spire satellites.


  • Vessel tracking: space-based and terrestrial AIS messages (Automatic Identification System).
  • Flight tracking: space based ADS-B messages (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast).
  • Weather data: local temperature, pressure and moisture profiles derived from GNSS Radio Occultation (GNSS-RO).
  • Raw GNSS-RO data: phase delay, neutral bending angle.
  • Ionospheric measurements: Total Electron Content (TEC), S4, Sigma Phi

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  • The Data Lake is accessible, free of charge, to research institutes; public bodies and authorities; and start-up companies with a footprint in Luxembourg.
  • Its usage is strictly limited to non-commercial activities of research and development.
  • Commercial use requires a contract with Spire based on Spire’s standard price and T&C’s.
  • Access must be requested via the Spire Data Order Form.
  • Users must sign and abide by the Data Lake Terms & Conditions.
  • Upon validation of the request, 3 months of access will be granted (extendable upon request and evaluation).



“There are numerous opportunities for space data in the energy, transport and logistics sectors, to name a few. Also, global challenges due to growing populations, increased demand for resources and climate change require information about our planet which space based solutions can provide. Following the launch of the LSA Data Center, the Space Analytics Data Lake will stimulate the development of new downstream services and products in Luxembourg.”

Marc Serres
Luxembourg Space Agency CEO