Configure your AIS solution

Let’s get you started with Spire Maritime data


1. What type of AIS data are you looking for?

  • Live AIS data
  • Historical AIS data

2. What is the geographical area you need data for?

  • Global
  • Regional

3. What vessels do you want to track?

  • All vessels
  • All vessels of a specific type
  • A specific fleet or individual vessels

4. Which of the following are important for you?

  • I need real-time AIS tracking
  • I need detailed Vessel Characteristics data
  • I need Port Events
  • I need Reliable ETA and route calculation
  • I need AIS Position Validation
  • I need improved High-Traffic Zones (HTZ) coverage
  • I need Maritime Weather forecast data

4. What is your AIS data use case?

Please describe what you are trying to accomplish using AIS data:

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