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What type of AIS data are you looking for?

  • Live AIS data
  • Historical AIS data

What is the geographical area you need data for?

  • Global
  • Regional

What vessels do you want to track?

  • All vessels
  • All vessels of a specific type
  • A specific fleet or individual vessels

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Which of the following are important to you?

  • Real-time vessel tracking
  • Detailed vessel characteristics data
  • Port activity data
  • Vessel ETA and route calculations
  • Spoofing detection
  • Improved high-traffic zone coverage
  • Maritime weather forecast data
  • Other

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What will you be using the data for?

  • Commercial asset tracking
  • Environmental protection
  • Insurance / Compliance
  • Market intelligence
  • Monitoring
  • NGO / Academia
  • Port optimization
  • Voyage optimization
  • Government defense
  • Government administration
  • Weather forecasting
  • Other

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