Free data access for scientific research

A selection of historical and live Spire data sets are available free of charge via pre-established funding vehicles with public agencies; researchers and scientists can access our data under scientific and research licence.

Spire Global satellite constellation still
Space Analytics Data Lake for Luxembourg R&D and startups

The Space Analytics Data Lake is the collaborative initiative designed to incentivise the development of commercial space research by providing free access to high-quality Earth Information data.

Spire Data Lake is available to research institutes, public agencies or start-up companies based in Luxembourg for research and non-commercial product development.

Spire data available through the program incl. weather data, raw GNSS Radio Occultation profiles, vessel and flight tracking data and ionospheric measurements.

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ESA Earth Online for European research

ESA’s Earth Online portal offers European research institutes direct and simple access to Earth Observation data coming from satellite missions operated directly by the European Space Agency and Third Party Missions (TPM).

Through the portal, Spire is offering access to data generated through its Automatic Identification System (AIS) service, which tracks sea vessels; ADS-B sensors, which permanently track aircraft across all skies; its GNSS-RO weather payload, which measures temperature, pressure and other characteristics across a slice of the atmosphere; and its GNSS scatterometry and precise altimetry (GNSS-R) measurements to study Earth’s surface properties such as soil moisture, flood inundation, sea ice or ocean wind speed.

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Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program for NASA research

The Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program (CSDAP) evaluates and procures data from commercial sources that support NASA’s Earth science research and application goals.

Through the program, NASA and NASA-funded researchers are able to access Spire’s Earth Information data incl.:

  • GNSS Radio Occultation (GNSS-RO)
  • GNSS Grazing Angle Reflectometry
  • Satellite Precise Orbit Determination (POD) and Satellite Altitude
  • Ionospheric measurements

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Data lake

Luxembourg Space Analytics Data Lake terms and conditions

  • The Data Lake is accessible, free of charge, to research institutes, public bodies and authorities, and start-up companies with a footprint in Luxembourg.
  • Its usage is strictly limited to non-commercial activities of research and development.
  • Commercial use requires a contract with Spire based on Spire’s standard price and T&C’s.
  • Access must be requested via the Spire Data Order Form.
  • Users must sign and abide by the Data Lake Terms & Conditions.
  • Upon validation of the request, 3 months of access will be granted (extendable upon request and evaluation).