Aviation Data Plans

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Service levelGlobal coverageYesYesYes
Data sourceSatellite & TerrestrialYesYesYes
Filter optionsGlobal/Regional/Country/FIR/Airport
Per aircraft (Tail)
Time period
Tracking data (position and status)Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, On/Off ground, Timestamp, ICAO address, Callsign, Squawk, Heading, Speed, Vertical rate, Ingestion time, Source, Collection typeYesYesYes
Aircraft and airline fleet dataTail number, Aircraft code, Aircraft type name, Airline code, Airline name YesYes
Flight schedule and airport dataFlight number, Departure time, Arrival time, Departure airport code, Arrival airport code, IATA and ICAO codes  Yes
Flight analyticsEstimated departure time, Estimated arrival time, Takeoff time, Landing time  Yes
History access7 Days, 1 Month, 3 MonthsYesYesYes
ArcGIS (ESRI) servicesIntegration via ArcGIS marketplaceYesYesYes
Aviation WeatherAviation bundle including Airport Optimised ForecastYesYesYes
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