We empower application service providers and data teams to develop innovative solutions and drive business improvements, using global air traffic data powered by our advanced nanosatellite constellation and other terrestrial receivers.


Global ADS-B Data and Analytics

Spire Aviation offers a simple-to-use API (application programming interface) to access our satellite and ground based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data. Spire’s APIs are developer-friendly, so you can plug and play effortlessly adding new data and key insights into your systems. In addition to the complete documentation, we offer personalized support that helps you start using data and building apps quickly.


Current terrestrial and ADS-B receivers cover only a small part of the world. Spire tracks more than 50,000 aircraft daily and provides over 150 million position reports a day, with coverage over poles, oceans, and radar-blind land masses.

Better than Traditional Radar Systems

We provide situational awareness without the low altitude – line of sight – constraints and sector boundaries of traditional radar systems.


Weather is the primary disruptor of airline operations. Benefit from fused ADS-B position data with Aviation Weather variables such as Winds aloft and Clear Air Turbulence.

Better Decision Making

Deep dive into historical data to solve business challenges and compare performance. Customers use our data sets and APIs in unique ways to solve their own unique challenges.


We provide global air traffic data using our advanced nanosatellites with ADS‑B receivers.


Our multiple APIs allow quick and easy data queries for more efficient and modern work-flow.


Spire’s aviation data is accessible via easy to use APIs. We pride ourselves on quality documentation and superior customer service.


How do our Aviation solutions solve your challenges?

Logistics & analytics

Spire’s data is uniquely enables searching through back history with the AirSafe Historical API. Users can search for aircraft position, altitude, timestamp, and other fields where available.

  • Tracking flights in remote areas where no data was previously available
  • Finding trends and historical tracks
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Airline Operations

For airlines, aircraft, and airport operators and partners, Spire’s ADS-B and weather data stream API lets customers optimize the operational profitability and environmental efficiency of individual and collective aircraft journeys across their network.

  • Using rich, global ADS-B data insights, new opportunities for profitable routes can be quickly identified and commercialized
  • Early and accurate warnings of unexpected route deviation
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Supporting the FAA’s airspace traffic management mission through continuous tracking of aircraft around the globe.

  • Ensuring safe delivery of personnel and resources through military transport aircraft tracking
  • Tracking UAS/UAV globally, in real-time
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Wondering if Spire’s aviation solutions are right for you?

At Spire, we build and own our satellites and we’re constantly upgrading our hardware and software. We do this because smarter satellites and more ground stations mean better coverage and higher quality data for our customers.

We offer precise position data over land and in remote areas that are out of reach of existing ADS-B data collection and we can customize this data to suit your needs, solve your challenges, and save you time and money.


They trust our data
  • European space agency

“We wanted to find a partner that understood the importance of not only the data but the mechanism of how that data is consumed.

The integration of Spire Aviation Weather and ADS-B tracking, enables us to automate time consuming processes for flight operations staff and flight crews, whether that is flight following, risk assessments or flight feasibility analysis. There are many areas we have now automated with this capability and with the vision of Spire’s product roadmap we are looking forward to achieving much more over the coming years.”

Tim Ford
President and Managing Director of myairops


We can set up a trial API account for you, so you can see first-hand what our data looks like. Let our specialists help you quickly integrate Spire ADS-B API’s with your systems and business. We look forward to talking with you.


Free data sample

  • 24-hour period
  • Satellite and Terrestrial ADS-B
  • Down sampled to one update per aircraft every 5 minutes
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Latest Aviation insights

Start building your aviation applications with Spire today.

Get access to a number of advanced data services, choose the package that suits your needs and integrate it into your workflow in no time thanks to our easy-to-use APIs and hands-on support team. See for yourself the power of global ADS-B coverage and start making better-informed decisions today