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Aviation APIs for stronger planning and analytics

Spire provides historical flight data, ADS-B tracking, and up-to-date data on weather that impacts aviation operations, all delivered through developer-friendly APIs. We’re always adding to our large constellation of nanosatellites and improving our predictive capabilities so you can effortlessly plug new insights into your systems.

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Data solutions to solve industry challenges

Shipping and logistics

Search detailed historical flight data, intelligently route supply chain operations, and avoid disruptions using rich data to find aircraft positions, altitude, timestamps, and more.

Flight operators

Spire’s ADS-B and weather API lets airline, aircraft, and airport operators optimize the operational profitability and environmental efficiency of aircraft journeys across their network.

Application service providers

Integrate live and historical flight and weather data into innovative solutions for your customers and internal teams, driving more favorable outcomes through deeper insights.

Federal and government

Our flexible APIs, custom datasets, and hands-on support staff assist air traffic control teams to continuously track aircraft around the globe.


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  • Worldwide
  • Regional/Airline fleet
  • Specific flight
  • ArcGIS

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  • Satellite ADS-B data
  • Expanding coverage
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  • Satellite + Terrestrial data
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