Real-time AIS vessel tracking data

Spire Maritime’s Real‑time Automatic Identification System (AIS) provides an up-to-date and accurate view of the world’s shipping activities.

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What is Real-time AIS vessel tracking data?

Real-time AIS is based on an interconnected satellite architecture to provide real time coverage and instant visibility into maritime activities, in the open ocean and near shore.

  • Latency: less than 1 minute in the open ocean
  • Global ocean coverage based on our proprietary satellite constellation
  • All active AIS devices detected with over 600K vessels, 250K+ active vessels/day
  • Vessels you can track: 1) All vessels, 2) All vessels of a specific type, 3) A specific fleet, or 4) individual vessels with either AIS Class A or Class B transponders.
  • Static, positional and voyage related data

Configure your AIS data solution

What is AIS vessel tracking data?
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Real-time AIS data delivery options

  • API (GraphQL / GWS)
  • Uniproxy
  • Available in Spire’s ShipView solution

Real-time AIS data format options

  • Raw NMEA
  • Decoded NMEA
  • Combined processed information

How Real-time AIS works

Spire Maritime’s Real-time Satellite AIS is powered by a system of advanced VHF maritime satellite payloads hosted on the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation. These payloads collect global radio frequency data in near-real-time from satellites equipped with multiple sensors. The data is then delivered in real-time through the satellite system’s in-orbit ‘mesh’ architecture, which ensures continuous global surface coverage.

This real-time satellite data forms the foundation of our service. We fuse this satellite data with information from various additional sources, such as terrestrial AIS stations, to provide a comprehensive view of maritime activities. This approach, combined with our globally distributed satellite operations and IT support teams, ensures reliable and continuous service. With the largest team of SAT-AIS technology experts and specialists in the world, Spire Maritime is committed to delivering world-class capabilities to our customers.

Why choose Spire Real-time AIS?

Only constellation providing Real-time AIS on the market

Track vessels activities anywhere as they happen

Increase your situational awareness by accessing real‑time vessel positions in waters of interest

Most complete source of AIS data

Access the largest constellations and highest volumes of messages tracked by satellite. Combined with other trusted data sources, we offer the most complete picture of AIS data on the market

Unique domain awareness

Based on high quality data and accurate information, track any vessels, including for a specific vertical, customers or competitor

Best in class support including:

  • Continuous Support (live technical and customer support, including onboarding and developer documentation)
  • Accessible through Modern APIs designed by developers, for developers
  • Easy integration with support from dedicated Spire engineers
  • 24/7 global satellite coverage
  • Wide array of digital resources

Configure your AIS data solution

What is Real-time AIS useful for?

Real-time AIS data is leveraged by intelligence agencies and relevant authorities to enhance their understanding of maritime activities, support decision-making, and ensure security and compliance.

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Offshore asset surveillance / protection

  • Assets protection and immediate response to potential threats.
  • Monitor vessels approaching offshore installations, such as oil rigs, wind farms, or other critical infrastructure.
  • Identify vessels that might pose security risks or conduct unauthorized activities near these assets.

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Warfare intelligence

  • Support strategic planning, threat assessment, and situational awareness in naval warfare scenarios.
  • Contribute to warfare intelligence by tracking naval movements of both friendly and potential adversary vessels.
  • Understand fleet deployments, monitoring naval exercises, and identify potential military threats in the region.

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Commodity / market intelligence

  • Valuable information for commodity traders, investors, and policy makers to make informed decisions.
  • Track cargo vessels transporting commodities such as oil, minerals, and agricultural products.
  • Assess supply chain disruptions, analyze shipping trends, and predict market fluctuations.

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Flag administration

  • Identify vessels operating under their flag that may be engaged in illegal activities or violating maritime laws
  • Monitor vessels registered under their jurisdiction.
  • Ensure compliance with maritime regulations, safety standards, and international conventions.

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Leverage accurate and actionable data

Make better‑informed decisions, even in highly congested traffic areas, with enhanced vessel detection

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Take action immediately

Increase your situational awareness by accessing real‑time vessel positions in waters of interest

Maintain a competitive edge

Create strong domain awareness based on high data quality and accurate information