Spire High-Resolution Forecast

Unlock the future of weather forecasting with Spire’s space-powered forecasts

  • Access US and European domains today
  • Hourly output extending to six days at 3 km resolution
  • Multiple updates per day with the most recent data possible
  • Space technology with enhanced initial conditions
  • Advanced data assimilation techniques
  • 24/7 weather support from meteorologists

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What is the Spire High-Resolution Forecast?

Spire delivers precise, high-resolution weather forecasts using satellite-derived data, including radio occultation, ocean winds, and soil moisture. Our forecasts, powered by advanced data assimilation and proprietary datasets, offer hourly predictions up to six days ahead.

These insights help energy and commodity traders, utilities, and grid operators anticipate market trends and energy supply dynamics in real time. Accessible via API or Spire’s DeepInsights ecosystem, our data is operational and available today at 3 km resolution for the continental US and Europe.

Discover the difference of unmatched detail

Weather data using Spire High-resolution Forecast data Spire High-Resolution Forecast at 3 km resolution
Global model at 9 km resolution

The Spire High-Resolution Forecast (right) depicts highly detailed convective-scale forecasts at 3 km, indicating thunderstorms over the Great Lakes of the United States. The difference in precision is clear when comparing it to a global model snapshot (left).

Advanced technology

Spire’s satellite constellation delivers unmatched weather insights

We utilize our network of satellites to merge proprietary data like radio occultation, ocean winds, and soil moisture with reputable sources such as NOAA, EUMETSAT, and ECMWF.

Spire’s advanced data assimilation provides precise, differentiated weather insights essential for informed decision-making across various industries.

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Extended lead time

Proactive planning with Spire’s extended forecast

Unlike typical high-resolution forecasts that cover two to three days, ours extend to six days. This longer forecast window allows proactive decision-making, helping you anticipate weather-influenced market shifts, refine strategies, and protect operations from disruption.

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Reliable accuracy

Industries worldwide rely on Spire’s precise weather forecasts

Trusted worldwide, our team of data scientists, meteorologists and product specialists ensures accurate and reliable forecasts. This precision empowers your business, fostering resilience and enabling strategic decisions to minimize risks and seize opportunities amid changing weather conditions.

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1:1 weather support

Expert weather guidance anytime

Access 24/7 guidance from Spire’s expert DeepVision™ Weather Support team. This proactive assistance provides real-time insights and strategies for swift responses before, during and after disruptive weather events, benefiting all industries.

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Custom forecast solutions

Define your own forecast domains

Align the Spire High-Resolution Weather Forecast with your operational needs by configuring

  • Your domain location and size (region, country, city, street)
  • Your frequency and forecast update times: Up to 15-minute time granularity
  • Your preferred resolution up to 1 km
  • Schedule to meet your needs, as often as hourly

This tailored approach facilitates better planning, risk mitigation and resource allocation, enabling you to make informed decisions leading to improved outcomes and profitability.

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Differentiated weather forecasts

globe points icon

Unique vantage ​point

Enhance power and price forecasts by using satellite-derived weather data to your advantage

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Make profitable decisions

Advanced weather insights and analytics have a direct positive impact on revenue

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Quick and easy ​to use

Ingest and visualize weather data easily with advanced APIs or custom Spire platforms

Create your custom solution for maximum insight

Enhance Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast with a variety of tailored solutions.

ProductAI / ML12 km6 km3 km1 km500 m100 m
Current Weather ConditionsYes
Spire Global ForecastYes
Spire High-Resolution ForecastYesYes
Soil Moisture Insights: Global GridsYesYes
Soil Moisture Insights: Regional GridsYesYesYesYes
Soil Moisture Insights: Anomaly GridsYesYes
Wind & Temperature GridsYes
Wind & Solar AI ForecastsYes
Sub-seasonal AI ForecastsYes
Optimized Point ForecastYes

Powerful weather data for better decisions

Aerial view of high voltage power pylons in field for utility and energy network

Energy and commodity traders

Reliable weather forecasts are critical for informed decisions in energy trading and commodity markets. Rapid weather changes impact prices; our precision forecasts help you predict changes, manage risks and optimize investments while balancing supply and demand. Without these tools, uncertainty can affect trading decisions, energy markets, service providers and households.

Maritime vessel carrying cargo containers cruising the Aegean deep blue sea

Maritime and logistics

The Spire High-Resolution Forecast plays a vital role by providing accurate and detailed weather insights essential for safe and efficient navigation. Our forecasts assist in avoiding severe weather, optimizing fuel consumption, ensuring crew safety and minimizing disruptions, ultimately contributing to smoother and more cost-effective maritime operations.

Gas turbine electrical energy and utility station

Utility companies

High-Resolution Forecasts empower utility and energy companies with finely detailed and accurate predictions, enhancing preparedness for disruptions. Anticipate demand fluctuations, plan maintenance and optimize resource allocation and crew deployment. Improve safety, reduce downtime and boost operational efficiency despite weather challenges.

Customer testimonials

Our weather data making an impact in the real world

“The volume of data, flexibility and support we get from Spire’s weather team is unmatched. We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders as we continue to innovate and build toward a greener, more sustainable future.”

Luc Terral
Co-founder – BluePulse

BluePulse logo


“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business Development Manager – Predictwind

logo predictwind


“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Søren Meyer
CEO – ZeroNorth

Zeronorth logo