Historical AIS Data

Harness the best-in-class global coverage. Spire Maritime provides the most complete Historical AIS vessel tracking data since 2010.

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What is Historical AIS Data?

Spire’s Historical AIS Data is a global archive providing the most complete picture of AIS history data on the market, for the most complete shipping analysis.

Advancing filtering options including date and time range, geographical area, AIS message type, ship MMSI list, ship type, and vessel flag allow you to tailor the data to your unique requirements. Access to raw data is also available, allowing you to uncover information beyond what is captured in a live feed.

  • Growth by over 200 million AIS position messages everyday
  • Global archive of over 100 billion AIS messages
  • Growth by over 17% YoY unique MMSI and over 33% YoY daily message
  • Continuous global data since 2010

Request a Historical AIS data set

Historical AIS data delivery options

Whether you are interested in an API subscription or a one-time data buy, Spire Maritime can offer different delivery methods to adapt to your needs.

Historical AIS APIs:

  • Yearly AIS subscription
  • Recorded AIS position history or AIS track history
  • Raw AIS historical data delivery through WMS, WFS (ideal for GIS)
  • Filter by MMSI, date and time, area of interest and much more
  • Data available in Spire’s ShipView solution, if desired

Developer specifications


One-time data purchase

  • One-time buy, no subscription
  • AIS historical data via a download link, SFTP or physical format
  • Cost adjusted to your specific sample settings

Why choose Spire Historical AIS?

Most complete historical AIS data set since 2010

No data gaps, allowing you to have complete coverage

Strongest historical AIS dataset on the market

Enhanced with other data sources

Ability to curate your exact data set with competitive pricing adjusted to your sample settings

Select vessels, date range, and area of interest most relevant to your business

Flexible delivery formats, to adapt to your use case

CSV, JSON, NMEA, XML, KML, Shapefile or as density maps

Best in class support including:

  • Continuous Support (live technical and customer support, including onboarding and developer documentation)
  • Accessible through Modern APIs designed by developers, for developers
  • Easy integration with support from dedicated Spire engineers
  • 24/7 global satellite coverage
  • Wide array of digital resources

What is Historic AIS Data useful for?

Historical AIS provides a valuable resource for retrospective analysis, trend identification, and informed decision-making. Gain insights into long-term maritime activities and behaviors, which can lead to improved operational efficiency, better resource allocation, and more accurate research outcomes.

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Container, goods performance / tracking for logistics:

  • Optimize supply chain management, estimate transit times more accurately, and identify areas for operational improvements.
  • Analyze historical movement of cargo vessels over time.
  • Review past vessel routes, arrival times, and port activities to identify patterns and trends in logistics operations.

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Shipping operations:

  • Invaluable data for tracking and managing shipping operations.
  • Assess historical fleet performance
  • By analyzing past routes, delays, and performance metrics, identify factors that contribute to operational inefficiencies, plan maintenance schedules, and make informed decisions to enhance overall fleet performance.

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Commodity / market intelligence:

  • Study historical shipping trends, route changes, and cargo volumes to understand long-term patterns and anticipate market shifts.
  • Combining historical AIS data with other relevant information, such as global events or economic indicators, gain deeper insights into supply and demand dynamics for various commodities.

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University Research:

  • Analyze historical vessel movements to study maritime traffic patterns, environmental impacts of shipping, or the effects of maritime regulations.
  • Use Historical AIS to support academic studies on maritime transportation, climate change, marine conservation, and other fields.

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Data that fits your needs

AIS track history: API or one-time purchase?

Wondering what is the most adequate type of AIS track history delivery method for your use case?

API delivery
  • AIS subscription
  • Make the amount of calls to the API you need
  • Filter by MMSI, date and time, area of interest and much more
  • Choose the response format on a case-by-case basis
  • Receive either raw data (WFS) or images (WMS)
  • Ideal for GIS usage (Esri, etc.)

Configure your AIS subscription

One-time data purchase
  • One-time buy, no subscription
  • Restrict data sample to the ships, area and dates you need
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Delivery in the format of your choice (CSV, JSON, NMEA, XML, KML) or as density maps
  • Possibility of SFTP delivery
  • Cost adjusted to your sample settings

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