Historical AIS Data

Access Spire Maritime’s vessel tracking history archive going back to 2010. Combining Satellite AIS, Terrestrial AIS and Enhanced Satellite AIS, historical AIS data can be purchased in one of two delivery methods:

What is historic AIS data useful for?

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Supply chain monitoring and prediction

Follow specific vessel type routes and predict changes and trends in specific supply chains and trade

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Protection of cargo, vessel and crew

Predict the safest routes based on vessel traffic patterns and seasonal changes and ensure safety

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Illegal vessel activity detection

Sanction avoidance, ballast water exchange, marine protected area encroachment or illegal fishing detection

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Performance and emission optimization

Analyze the historical vessel performance based on routes and optimize CO2 emissions on future routes

Data that fits your needs

AIS track history: API or one-time purchase?

Wondering what is the most adequate type of AIS track history delivery method for your use case?

API delivery
  • AIS subscription
  • Make the amount of calls to the API you need
  • Filter by MMSI, date and time, area of interest and much more
  • Choose the response format on a case-by-case basis
  • Receive either raw data (WFS) or images (WMS)
  • Ideal for GIS usage (Esri, etc.)

Configure your AIS subscription

One-time data purchase
  • One-time buy, no subscription
  • Restrict data sample to the ships, area and dates you need
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Delivery in the format of your choice (CSV, JSON, NMEA, XML, KML) or as density maps
  • Possibility of SFTP delivery
  • Cost adjusted to your sample settings

Request a Historical AIS data set

Historical ais data free download

Get a free historical AIS data sample to understand how to integrate Spire Maritime’s vessel tracking data into your applications.

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