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Spire collects a rich and unique data-set, tracking the oceans, skies and weather 24/7

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Spire Aviation is solving the needs of the aviation and logistics industries. Our enhanced position data fills gaps in areas out of reach of existing ADS-B data collection. With more than 660 million position reports a day from over land and sea, we can customize a data set to suit your needs.

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We’re setting a new benchmark in the weather industry. The radio occultation profiles collected by our satellites bring a unique understanding of global weather conditions. Our forecast data helps our customers reduce operational risks and make informed decisions.

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We’re revolutionizing how maritime data is collected, analyzed, and delivered. Our innovations, like Enhanced Satellite AIS, solve industry challenges and give our customers a competitive advantage. We build intelligent APIs that are easy to use, predictive, and customized to your needs.

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Earth Intelligence

Spire uses its satellites to collect data from beneath the Earth’s surface to the edge of the atmosphere. This rich data set is available to support research and development projects. You can experience our data and apply it to your unique use cases in a number of different ways.

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