Radio frequency intelligence data

Extensive frequency coverage, geolocation, and revisit capabilities

Geolocation of radio frequency (RF) signals from our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites involves pinpointing the origin of transmissions by leveraging our satellite’s rapid orbital movement and triangulation techniques.

As these satellites swiftly traverse the Earth’s surface, they receive signals from multiple angles, enabling precise calculation of signal source locations. This innovative approach enhances detection of dark shipping, GNSS Jamming events, and can independently verify moving target locations.

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Key Features

Extensive satellite coverage

Spire has a vast network of LEO satellites helping ensure global coverage and near-real-time data collection. Whether you are interested in monitoring maritime activities, or tracking signals of interest, our satellites and geolocation solutions offer unrivaled visibility and accuracy.

Why Choose radio frequency intelligence data from Spire?

Spire Global satellite integration

Industry-leading experts

Our team of radio frequency specialists, data scientists, and engineers are at the forefront of radio frequency data analysis. With extensive experience in satellite technology and signal intelligence, we bring unmatched expertise to help you derive meaningful insights from our radio frequency data.

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Tailored solutions for your needs

Radio Frequency Intelligence gathering is never a one for all solution. Spire understands that some organizations have unique requirements, and some are ready for off the shelf approaches. We will work closely with you to deliver the solution that aligns with your specific objectives and operational needs. Our flexible approach ensures that you get the most out of your radio frequency Intelligence data.

Spire 3U satellite in orbit above Earth

Near real-time monitoring and alerts

Stay informed and proactive with our near real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities. Spire provides automatic notifications for detected anomalies, unauthorized signals, or predefined events, enabling you to respond swiftly and mitigate risks efficiently.

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Spire satellite constellation in space redefining defence intelligence with advanced features. Safeguard operations from jamming and GNSS spoofing