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What if the shortest cargo ship route isn't the most efficient?

To test its theory that the swiftest shipping route may not always be the most energy-friendly, BluePulse integrated Spire’s weather data forecast to its reefer fleet energy simulation tool to estimate the energy utilized by reefer fleets and to identify which voyage paths are the most fuel efficient and carbon-friendly.

Spire Global's next generation 16U satellite

The satellite bus offers the capabilities of a larger satellite, with up to double the payload capacity of conventional 16Us, while offering all the benefits of a nanosatellite.

Spire's Technology Innovation: CTO Jeroen Cappaert

Hear CTO Jeroen Cappaert talk about Spire’s unique and iterative approach to technology innovation.

Spire Weather: The Power of Weather Data

The ability to protect life and property and help economies around the world is at the heart of Spire’s mission.

Spire Weather: Space Based Observations

Spire provides space-based weather observations that protect life and property and improve operational efficiency at companies.

Spire Weather: Technology

Weather forecasting is getting more accurate, and Spire’s technology is positioned to help solve some of the toughest challenges on Earth.