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Spire Global's next generation 16U satellite

The satellite bus offers the capabilities of a larger satellite, with up to double the payload capacity of conventional 16Us, while offering all the benefits of a nanosatellite.

Spire's Technology Innovation: CTO Jeroen Cappaert

Hear CTO Jeroen Cappaert talk about Spire’s unique and iterative approach to technology innovation.

Spire Weather: The Power of Weather Data

The ability to protect life and property and help economies around the world is at the heart of Spire’s mission.

Spire Weather: Space Based Observations

Spire provides space-based weather observations that protect life and property and improve operational efficiency at companies.

Spire Weather: Technology

Weather forecasting is getting more accurate, and Spire’s technology is positioned to help solve some of the toughest challenges on Earth.

Spire Weather: Weather Data Accuracy

Weather forecasting has vastly improved over the last several decades.