Global flight and aviation insights

Unleash the power of space-based flight insights you can instantly use

Easily access live and historical flight information:

  • Airline KPIs – OTP, cost and performance insights, fuel burn insights
  • Airport insights – off/on block time, holdings, gate and runway information
  • Top operators, airports, destinations
  • Routes data and carbon emissions insights
  • Overflight information – Flight Information Regions(FIR), billing, entry/exit times
  • Aircraft utilisation insights
  • Travel and cargo capacity insights
  • Fleet insights

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Customer applications and use cases

Simplified data processing and real time insights

Helping you downsize the amount of data and data processing needed to get rich aviation insights you can instantly use to power your applications, drive innovation and business improvements.

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Air Cargo & Logistics

  • Track & Trace your shipments
  • Smarter digital operations with automated flight alerts
  • Market intelligence about cargo capacity and airport congestion

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Sustainable habitat world concept - aerial view of a dense rainforest vegetation with airplane flying over

Aviation sustainability solutions

  • Fuel optimization and flight analytics
  • Build carbon emissions models and offset tools
  • Contrail management solutions


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Insurance, MRO & aircraft leasing

  • Most up-to-date overview of your aircraft utilization (hours and cycles)
  • Airline OTP/TAT performance and network analysis
  • Risk management for monitoring aircraft asset exposure and contract compliance

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Why use Spire Flights Live API and Events Stream API?

The new APIs are designed to help you downsize the amount of data and data processing needed in order to get the high-value air traffic insights you can instantly use to power your software, drive innovation and business improvements without having to process over 200 Million position updates available via Spire’s Tracking Stream APIs.

Both Flights Live (REST endpoint) and Events (data stream) form part of a new suite of products from Spire Aviation in 2023. Each product benefits from extensive work to Spire Aviation’s internal flight detection algorithm, to condense hundreds of millions of daily ADS-B messages in real time into the simplest and lightest JSON response possible. Reduce the effort and time you expend on acquiring critical flight data with the help of these exciting new products.

What is Flights Live API and what data does it offer?

The Flights Live API is an on-demand REST endpoint offering per request data on any active flight in operation at the time of the API request. The endpoint’s response contains a range of detailed information about the flight, such as:

  • Flight identification
  • Aircraft details
  • Arrival and departure airports
  • Scheduled departure and arrival times
  • Actual take-off and landing times

The complete Flights Live API data output is listed in full in the Spire Aviation Knowledge Hub.

What is Events Stream API and what data does it offer?

The Events Stream API offers a continuous data flow of significant events taking place over a flight’s lifecycle.

In the Beta version of the Events Stream API, we offer the following event types:

  • New flight
  • Flight state (onground, airborne, landed, post-flight)
  • Take off
  • Landing

The stream may be consumed in its entirety for global flight events or it can be called using a parameter to receive data for a given aircraft, flight or event type.

Can I filter the data to easily find what I am looking for?

Yes. Flights Live API and Events Stream API endpoints offer a wide variety of query parameter options to tailor the global flight data based on your operational and analytical requirements.

How can the Flights Live API and Events Stream API enhance your business operations?

Here are just some examples of how Spire Aviation customers are benefiting from using these APIs:

  • For tracking the shipments of cargo operators with in-depth information on their status.
  • For an understanding of which flights are currently operating (the status of the flight, current location, active or not active, what state the flight is in, and its last known position).
  • For analysis of regional trends by utilizing geo-filter for departures/arrivals.
  • To gain more information about private/business jet traffic for the major global events.
  • To obtain insights into active inbound/outbound traffic for an airport or area of interest filtered by aircraft role e.g. passenger, cargo, military.
  • To capture flight traffic data over airport/AOI using aircraft roles.
  • To track charter flight movements globally for analysis of current regional charter availability saturation for pricing purposes.