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The Fast and Seamless path to
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  • Accelerated constellation development & deployment in 6-12 months
  • Automated mission operations with 24/7 support services
  • Proven fully integrated space, ground and cloud platform with 300+ years of flight heritage

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified

Spire Global satellite constellation still

Accelerate your application to space operations

From mission design, hosted payloads integration, launch and operation, to future scaling, we support you every step of the way.

  • Accelerate your business, moving from design to on-orbit operations in as little as six months
  • Reduce high upfront costs with flexible subscription-based service models
  • Take advantage of Spire’s tried and tested multifunctional LEMUR nanosatellite fleet and established constellation operations
  • Host your own payload, or get it custom designed for you

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Run your own software in space without launching a single satellite

You can launch, scale or test your application without the need to launch dedicated spacecraft by uploading your software to existing satellites’ on-board computers

  • Go from idea to operations in just few weeks: test directly in space and innovate quickly
  • Easy upload & update of your software on the existing satellites
  • Pay-as-you-go payment plan for the services you use and expand on demand
  • Get a head start for the future scale and seamlessly grow your business

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Satellites launched


Satellite design iterations


incl. Software Defined Radios, Hyperspectral/Multispectral cameras,
communication antennas,
bespoke customer payloads


In-house engineering,
manufacturing and testing
in Glasgow


Ground stations


Antenna systems

Our tailored solutions

Constellation in Space

Satellite-hosted payloads

Hosted Payloads

Constellation services to launch and operate your own payloads from IOD/IOV to full scale

Bespoke Constellation

Custom designed solutions, including payload development, launch and mission operation

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Software in Space

On-Orbit Software

Leverage 100+ existing satellites to run your application in space

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Innovating for space debris detection

ADLER-1 satellite will study the (micro) space debris environment in Low Earth Orbit to complement space debris models by obtaining in-situ data. The debris particles will be measured by an active short-range radar provided by Spire, as well as a deployable piezoelectric array provided by the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF)

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Bringing Spaceloop to orbit and into operation

Spaceloop is an innovative personal satellite communication network designed to provide universal access to IP messaging, email and data transfer across the world. Orbitare is leveraging Spire’s in-space software-defined nanosatellite platform to accelerate the development of Spaceloop by having rapid access to testing in real operational conditions, and later by deploying additional radios in space – either as physical or as SW payloads – throughout Spire’s extensive satellite network. The combination of Spire’s flexible platforms and Spaceloop’s SW-defined communication system allows Orbitare to reach the market faster and remain at the edge of technology to continue meeting customer needs.

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Partnering for wildfire monitoring development

OroraTech, a leading provider of satellite–based global wildfire monitoring, teamed up with Spire to launch OroraTech’s first payload on a Spire 6U nanosatellite. The satellite will carry OroraTech’s unique and proprietary thermal-infrared camera and data processing unit designed to detect fires and transmit the data using Spire’s satellite and ground network. The technology will help identify and monitor the areas at risk of wildfires and enable early detection of wildfire hotspots. The launch of this payload marks the first step towards the development of OroraTech’s nanosatellite constellation.

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Australia Office of National Intelligence (ONI)

Serving future critical intelligence missions

Our collaboration with Australian Office of National Intelligence (ONI) saw the rapid development of the Djara satellite from concept to orbital deployment. The Djara satellite is part of an Australian National Intelligence Community program to experiment with commercial satellite technologies, including the on-board application of advanced machine learning capabilities.

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Laying pathways to next generation space solutions

Spire is hosting Jacobs’ ISR payloads on our LEMUR 3U CubeSats in an effort to rapidly validate several of Jacobs’s next-generation innovative space technologies on orbit. Jacobs saw an opportunity to reduce risk, maintain control, save time, and decrease costs by hosting its payloads on Spire’s 3U CubeSat buses.

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Enhancing space debris monitoring and advancing new remote sensing techniques

ADLER-2 is the second satellite collaboration between Spire and Findus Venture to study space debris in Low Earth Orbit, following the ADLER-1 mission. It will be a multi-payload satellite that uses Spire’s LEMUR 6U platform. In addition to the enhanced Spire’s orbital debris tracking radar and impact detecting payload provided by the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) it will also carry GRASP-Airphoton Multi-Angle Polarimeter (GAPMAP). GAPMAP is a remote sensing payload to study clouds and aerosols in the atmosphere. These new observations will perform air quality measurements around the globe and will support estimates of climate change patterns on Earth.

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