Your trusted platform in space for unique global insights and solutions.

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Your trusted platform in space

Spire has 300 years of space flight heritage, having launched 110+ Low Earth Multi-Use Receivers (LEMUR) across 28 launch campaigns on 9 unique vehicles. Using our space technology, 29 global ground stations, and automated operations system, we are proud to enable other innovators, commercial organisations and governments to deploy their own applications and sensors into space quickly and efficiently.

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BSI Certified & BSI UKAS

Space Services

Accelerating your application to space operations

Flexible, proven platform

Configurable, in-orbit-reprogrammable system with 300 years of flight heritage serving critical data applications across multiple industries.

Rapid deployment

End-to-end in-house manufacturing, robust launch schedule, and efficient operations get you into in-orbit data production fast.

Seamless, automated operations

Fully-integrated space, ground and operations manage the platform automatically, so you can focus on your application.

Optimal payload control via web-based API

Control your payload and manage your data using a cloud-based customer API.

Subscription-based payments

Flexible subscription-based pricing models available for co-hosted payloads and Software in Space applications.


Our portfolio

Diverse offerings to meet your needs

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Software in Space

Deploy your software to existing satellites, using Software Defined Radios (SDR) in space to test and scale your application without the need to launch a dedicated spacecraft.

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Payload in Space

Host your payload on a trusted, fully-integrated space, ground, and web platform, using our end-to-end launch service and 24/7 operations team to get your system into production fast.

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Solutions in Space

Partner with Spire to build a custom end-to-end solution, leveraging our experience in designing and manufacturing multi-use nanosatellites and operating one of the world’s largest Earth-observing constellations.

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