Advanced Earth Intelligence

Access to environmental data in unprecedented detail, from Earth’s surface to near-space.

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Spire Global satellite constellation still

Scanning the Earth, 24/7

Spire constantly collects rich and unique data sets about our planet’s surface and its atmospheric layers to provide a complete view of what’s happening on and around Earth. Our low-orbit nanosatellites use radio frequency sensors to constantly gather new information, while predictive models distill complex environmental data into intelligent insights you can use to make business decisions, drive public initiatives, and anticipate future climate fluctuations.

What sets us apart?

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Largest constellation of multifunctional satellites
Rich, unique datasets harness GNSS signals of opportunity
True global coverage with dense spatial and temporal resolution
Resilient observations and continuous technology improvement
Strong partnership and collaboration mindset

The data we collect on the Earth and its atmosphere fuels key research and development programs, inspires new services and applications, and drives public environmental programs across the globe.

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Datasets offering

Unique Earth data, from beneath the surface to the edge of space

Earth’s surface data sets

GNSS scatterometry and precise altimetry (GNSS-R):

  • Soil moisture
  • Sea ice classification & altimetry
  • Surface water mapping – river, wetlands, flooding (under development)
  • Ocean winds & waves (under development)

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Atmospheric data

GNSS-RO profiles for improved weather forecasts and accuracy:

  • Bending angle profiles
  • Dry temperature profiles
  • Refractivity profiles

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Space weather & space situational awareness data

GNSS-based ionospheric monitoring:

  • Total electron content (TEC) data
  • Electron Density profile
  • Ionospheric scintillation indices (ISI)
  • Modeled ionospheric now and forecasts (under development)
  • Precise orbit determination (POD)

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Our data assessments

Our RF-based Earth Intelligence data has been evaluated and successfully validated as part of assessment studies carried out by established global and national scientific agencies, including NOAA, NASA, ECMWF, and UK Met Office.

“Based on the results of the technical evaluation of the data provided in the CWDP Round 2 Pilot, NOAA has concluded that the commercial sector is capable of providing the quality of data needed to help support NOAA’s operational weather forecasting needs.” As a result, NOAA is proceeding with plans to acquire commercial [radio occultation] data for operational use.”

Commercial Weather Data Pilot (CWDP)
Round 2 Summary

Data plans

Flexible data plans
to fit your initiatives

We provide Earth intelligence data to customers and researchers in a variety of ways. Access an ongoing stream of data from Spire’s Earth APIs, download a collection of historical data, or get free datasets via a pre-established funding vehicle for scientific use.

Flexible data plans for your commercial application

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Data sets for scientific research & development programs

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