Maritime data with unrivaled ocean coverage

Get live marine data on vessel locations, weather conditions, and global shipping activity so you can make the best decisions in the moment.

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Enabling the data advantage

Revolutionize the way you make logistics decisions, save time and money through operational improvements, and monitor suspicious activity across the globe using insights delivered through our flexible vessel tracking and weather APIs. We design and operate our own constantly evolving satellite constellation and predictive models, giving you unparalleled access to maritime data you can act on.

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Actionable maritime intelligence you can trust

Seamless deployment and support

Intelligent maritime tracking and monitoring solutions delivered through easy-to-use APIs that can be customized to your use case.

Global, comprehensive maritime solutions

Three types of AIS data, offered via flexible plans and packages, solves the ocean’s most complex challenges, giving our customers a serious competitive edge.

Unique coverage in high-traffic zones

Spire’s Dynamic AIS™ collects data from thousands of sensors in busy shipping lanes and combines it with satellite and terrestrial data for unprecedented coverage everywhere.

Vessel tracking plus maritime weather

In addition to monitoring marine traffic, our weather forecasts API puts proprietary radio occultation data at the heart of your operational decision-making.

Continuously growing infrastructure

We add new satellites to our constellation each year so our customers get more data. We’re the only AIS satellite supplier that continuously iterates on our hardware and services for maximum velocity.


Maritime data solutions that suit your needs

Our flexible offering of solutions and services include a number of add-ons and can be customized to specific fleets and locations.

Live-feed subscription

Satellite, Terrestrial and Dynamic AIS™, Maritime Weather Forecast, delivered through live feed or APIs, or data file delivery for historical data requests.

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Download sample data

Sample data is a great way to take a look at our data and test it with your applications.
Download a sample to evaluate Spire’s AIS tracking and Weather data and test it in your applications.

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Tracking data
  • 24-hour sample
  • All positions
  • Global coverage
  • Satellite AIS data
  • Terrestrial AIS data
  • Dynamic AIS™ data
  • Sample statistics
  • Sample visualization

Weather forecast
  • Free sample
  • Grib2 format
  • 24-hour period
  • Region of Singapore

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Spire Weather for Maritime

The competitive advantage of open ocean data

The open ocean is largely under-observed. Spire opens the door to hard-to-find data on vessel behavior, ship traffic in remote locations, dangerous anomalies, and advanced weather variables like currents or salinity. These insights allow for highly accurate port forecasts, so you can intelligently reroute fleets to avoid potential issues and develop unique applications that run on reliable, space-powered data.

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More accurate forecasting

Spire’s unrivaled technology delivers 3x radio occultation data of any other commercial entity.

3D weather modeling

Our low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites observe weather from near the surface (less 0.5 km) all the way to the top of the stratosphere (50 km) for more accurate medium-range forecasts.

Truly global reach

Spire’s satellites collect weather data across the entire planet, even in the most remote areas. Our resolution grids are available at 12km.

Dynamic AIS™

only from Spire Maritime

We built Dynamic AIS to close the gaps in AIS data from high traffic zones (HTZs) around the world. By keeping thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers in motion throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world, we cut through the noise and gather the data that matters.

Once collected, Dynamic AIS data is combined with terrestrial and satellite AIS data and piped through an API or raw TCP feed into the tools that power your business.
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More unique MMSIs

1500+ moving AIS receivers stations on vessels throughout all major sea routes and HTZs.

Near real-time

Data is collected and updated via communications satellites every six minutes.

Greater HTZ granularity

Unlocking previously invisible data from HTZs and increasing granularity in positional data.

How it works

How do our Maritime solutions solve your challenges?

Vessel Tracking

Using our Vessels API, you can run queries by MMSI, vessel name, call signs, AIS class type (A or B), and more.

Our Premium subscription is built for solving challenges related to vessel tracking, like route efficiency, emission planning, and raw commodity cargo estimation.

  • Specifically designed for maritime use and ship monitoring
  • Offers flexible control over data access and querying
  • Provides value-added data analytics and built-in predictive intelligence

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Operations & Logistics

Global supply chain operators and port operators depend on accurate, relevant tracking data to monitor costs, ensure safety, and drive efficiency. AIS data supports:

  • Analyzing Fleet traffic
  • Optimizing shipping
  • Optimizing port operations
  • Enhancing full supply chain
  • Integrating sea-air-road

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Insurance & Financial Planning

When investigating high-value incidents, accurate vessel data is essential. Insurers and financial professionals use AIS data to:

  • Analyze ship incidents
  • Understand exact vessel positions
  • Improve vessel risk ratings
  • Improve charting rates

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Environment & Security

There are many reasons organizations need to survey the world’s oceans including:

  • Securing fishing territories
  • Protecting submarine assets
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and saving on fuel

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Maritime API

Why an API for maritime data?

Both our standard and premium APIs provide AIS and weather data that is already cleansed for advanced analytics and planning. By removing noise and redundancies from your data lake, you receive far more useful and actionable information than you would from a raw AIS feed.

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Customer stories

“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire puts genuinely market‑leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Soren Meyer
CEO, ZeroNorth

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