AIS maritime data

Unrivaled ocean coverage, data quality and developer‑friendly APIs

Spire Maritime provides global maritime vessel tracking data and vessel characteristics, combining Satellite AIS, Terrestrial AIS, and Dynamic AIS™.

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Our maritime solutions

Our maritime data solution portfolio provides improved performance and data quality,
and new, innovative ways to interact with our smart, clean data.

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AIS data feeds

Vessel tracking data, including Terrestrial and Satellite AIS, delivered via API or TCP stream

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Real-time AIS data

High-frequency updated AIS data tracks the world’s shipping activities in real-time

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Historical AIS data

Years of historical AIS vessel tracking data delivered via download or API access

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Dynamic AIS™

The missing link for global AIS ship tracking, especially in high traffic zones

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Vessel Characteristics

Detailed vessel data: ownership, build, technical information, registration, capacity…

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The data advantage

Why Spire Maritime data?

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Data collected from multiple sources

We combine Satellite AIS, Terrestrial AIS, and Dynamic AIS™ to provide wide coverage and give our customers a serious competitive edge.

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Unique coverage in high‑traffic zones

Dynamic AIS™ collects data in busy shipping lanes, providing unprecedented coverage, especially in the most congested areas.

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Convenient delivery methods

We deliver live maritime tracking data through easy-to-use APIs or live feeds (TCP raw NMEA), as well as custom historical data file delivery.

Continuously growing infrastructure

New satellites added to our constellation each year means a constant increase in quantity and quality of data delivered and reduced latency.

Embedded vessel characteristics

Our detailed Vessel Characteristics information is embedded in our AIS data APIs and empowers your data-driven decision-making.

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Get started quickly with our global technical and customer support, customer-centric on-boarding, and detailed documentation.

Use cases

How does Maritime AIS data solve your challenges?

Application Development

Our maritime data is ideal to develop applications that integrate vessel tracking and maritime information.

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Financial Services

Get an accurate pulse of the global commodities market and build a picture of the world’s shipping and cargo location.

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Fleet Management

Run an efficient fleet that is compliant and profitable, and ensure the safety of crew and vessel.

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions and get access to reliable ETAs to optimize resources at port.

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Oil and Gas

Make remote asset tracking and protection easier, and significantly mitigate risk in remote regions.

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Port Operations

Get access to accurate data to optimize short- and long-term port operations and allocate resources effectively.

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Illegal Fishing

Maritime data helps in establishing fishery protection measures that deter overfishing or illegal fishing.

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Environmental Protection

Data is critical in preserving the marine environment by identifying breaches into protected or sensitive areas.

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Global Vessel Monitoring

Get better visibility into maritime traffic patterns and detect/identify suspicious behaviour.

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Search and Rescue

Comprehensive risk and vulnerability analysis for search-and-rescue resource planning for shore-side authorities.
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Defense and Security

The defense community requires an accurate picture of the maritime domain to safely monitor impending threats.

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Customer testimonial

“Partnering with Spire was a great decision for our team, it’s given us the highest quality AIS data that we could find, which is fundamental to the platform that we’re building.”

Gary Lloyd
Chief of Architecture and Strategy, 90POE


Customer testimonial

“As data volumes increase, customer requirements expand and diversify, and technology evolves, it is integral for data providers to continuously improve how they deliver their data.

It is innovations such as the Maritime 2.0 GraphQL API that embodies why Spire are leaders in AIS data and delivery.”

Dr. Ryan Lloyd
Head of Research & Development, Geollect