Constellation Management Platform

Simplifying space, anywhere, anytime

Spire’s Constellation Management Platform (CMP) is a tool for streamlining satellite control for our customers; automating operations, simplifying tasks and enabling direct communication with space assets. The platform improves accessibility via a seamless connection to Spire’s existing API and allows your team to focus its resources on analyzing mission data.

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Mission operation-as-a-service, boosted by Constellation Management Platform

Spire fosters a fleet-oriented mindset. We focus on enabling the operation of multiple satellites concurrently, a stark departure from the previous ‘one-person-one-satellite’ approach that has made traditional satellite operations complex, costly, resource intensive and time consuming.

With Spire’s new Mission Operations Platform, the ‘round-the-clock’ burden of satellite management has been reduced and streamlined. All you ever need is one person and one laptop to control the entire operation! This evolved approach significantly reduces operational costs and enhances overall flexibility, making satellite management more accessible than ever before for organizations utilizing Spire’s innovative Mission Operations Platform.

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What Spire provides

Global ground station connectivity

99.9% uptime

Full constellation optimization


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What Spire enables

Directly control your payloads & data

Manage 100+ satellites single-handedly

Lights-out operations


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Features of the Constellation Management Platform

Operating a satellite constellation in space presents an array of challenges that demand a sophisticated approach, and our company excels in tackling these complexities. For over 11 years, Spire has developed industry-leading satellite operations infrastructure that has powered our own constellation and data offerings across more than 120 satellites on orbit. The complexity of successfully integrating and operating a constellation of satellites requires a rare blend of constellation management expertise and proven-on-orbit software infrastructure to ensure timely, clear communication between the satellites and the ground.

Together with our proven operations service, our new Constellation Management Platform is the ideal tool for operating your satellite or constellation, with multiple ground station networks for tracking, scheduling, commanding, downlinking data and monitoring telemetry. Spire’s solution will simplify access to space for your integrated and scalable satellite operations, providing complete command and control for your constellation, satellite, virtual satellite, flatsat, and engineering model all from one dashboard.

Simplified satellite operations

Innovation in satellite management

Spire is pioneering satellite technology evolution. Our management solutions offer precision, efficiency, and innovation to simplify complex satellite operations. With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, you have full control of your satellite management.

Our approach ensures situational awareness by meticulously tracking all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guaranteeing seamless service delivery.

Learn more about the Constellation Management Platform in this video.

Experience modern satellite management

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Spire’s user-friendly Constellation Management Platform was designed to ease the burden of satellite operations for organizations of all types. If you would like to learn more about how this software can support your business venture, book a live demo with us today! One of our friendly team will guide you through the platform’s capabilities and answer any questions you have.

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Spire’s Constellation Management Platform on a tablet device

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    Range of applications supported

    Spire’s new constellation management platform supports a wide variety of applications. From connectivity to gathering Earth intelligence, our tool will empower any end user to achieve their mission objectives.

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    Earth observation

    Spire’s space-as-a-service model offers solutions for space, payload deployment, and operations. You can launch your optical lens through our satellite platforms for essential mission imaging data collection. Currently, we are working with industry leaders to continue building and launching space-assets for their businesses.

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    Spire are experts in Radio Frequency, with extensive experience in UHF, S, X, L, Ku, and Ka bands to build industry-leading solutions for connectivity. Our constellation of 100+ satellites on orbit are equipped with Software Defined Radios, allowing for any connectivity solution from any industry to become instantly global. Our latest customers include the likes of HiSky and Myriota.

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    Space situational awareness

    Conserving the space environment and mitigating orbital congestion is essential for our ability to gather Earth intelligence from space. As the demand for more satellite data from a range of sectors increases, more satellites are launched, and the role of SSA becomes more critical. With our ‘Space-As-A-Service’ offer, we enable solutions that study the orbital environment better from the vantage point of low Earth orbit. In this field we are currently working with Northstar Earth & Space for traffic vigilance and Adler for monitoring levels of dangerous micro debris in orbit.

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    Signals Intelligence

    Spire’s advanced constellations cover signals of interest across various bands. Our signals intelligence technology detects hostile communications, hidden signals, and jamming attempts, providing a shield for early warnings and security. Our constellation supports some of the world’s most mission critical intelligence for organizations like the UK Ministry of Defence, the European Space Agency, and NASA.

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