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Reliable and resilient data and space services for enhanced situational awareness and smarter decision-making in a changing world.

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Harnessing the space-based data advantage

Spire’s constellation of 100+ low Earth orbit nanosatellites constitutes a proven, resilient remote-sensing platform, delivering high-impact global data tailored to your operational and strategic needs. Our robust, stable and secure in-orbit and ground assets are continuously updated and improved to provide optimal data solutions and services for enhanced government decision-making.

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Spire for government and defence

Supporting operations with proven data solutions and space services

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Strengthened situational awareness

Our global data solutions help civil government and defence agencies to track assets; survey land borders, sea and air space; track illegal activities and monitor environmental factors even in denied areas, arctic regions or hard-to-reach locations.

Tailored to mission-specific requirements

Spire’s global data sets can be customised to meet your mission needs. Our space services and custom nanosatellite solutions allow for complete customer control from design to in-orbit operations and data downlink.

Assuring security & optimal control

Complete vertical integration ensures a controlled and efficient payload integration process for our payloads and customer payloads. All communications between cloud-based command machines and satellites are secured with an end-to-end encryption, and our ground stations never decrypt customer data.

Reliable space platform

Our multi-payload Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) nanosatellite platform with over 300 years of collective spaceflight heritage and 100+ LEMUR satellites launched is matched with a global network of ground stations to offer proven in-space and ground infrastructure for the most demanding missions.

Fast start with constellation level scalability

Spire manufactures new satellites every 10 days and launches every six weeks, ensuring development to operational readiness in as little as ~6 months. As a result we are continuously launching improved sensors and upgrading them in orbit, on our own payloads or those of our customers.

Our portfolio

Diverse range of data sets and space services

Global data solutions
  • Global AIS data for maritime intelligence
  • ADS-B data for air tracking and monitoring
  • Earth intelligence including Earth’s surface data, space weather & space situational awareness
  • Atmospheric data & highly accurate weather forecasting

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Space services
  • Payload in space – payload hosting on a trusted, fully integrated space, ground, and web platform
  • Software in space – rapid deployment of customised software to our established satellite constellation
  • Solutions in space – bespoke end-to-end solutions for new data applications and constellations planning

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Spire Federal enables US Government agencies to address their mission challenges through our data analytics and space services solutions. We provide enhanced situational awareness facilitating smarter operational decision-making for US Civil Agencies, the Armed Forces, and the Intelligence Community.

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