Port Events

Port of call data

Spire’s Port Events provides real-time and historical port of call data, giving insight into port activities and allowing better planning and scheduling.
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What is Port Events?

Port Events allows its users to query vessels’ activity when entering ports, anchorages, terminals and canals at any given time, anywhere on the planet. By utilizing a database of polygons that mark these areas, coupled with AIS positions, it generates port events that record vessels’ arrival, stay, and departure times, providing a comprehensive history of vessel movements. Port Events can help track trade flows, and terminals to derive info on vessel cargos, vessel activities around ports, etc.


Spire captures 35K port arrivals / day across:

  • Over 12K polygons
  • Over 3,8K Ports
  • Over 2,3K Anchorages
  • Over 5,6K Terminals

What makes Port Events different from other solutions on the market?

Low latency

Detect vessels as soon as they have an activity in any polygon.

Data granularity

Spire Maritime’s polygon database allows the most granular view of events compared to competitors

Reliable event detection

Port event triggering uses a combination of different vessel behavior parameters to detect events

Query large databases

Query industry-specific data from an expansive set of ports, anchorages and terminal polygons. This allows for global view of port events, enabling real time monitoring.

Save time and money

As there is no need to process raw AIS data. Receive pre-processed events in convenient JSON format.

Best in class support including:

  • Continuous Support (live technical and customer support, including onboarding and developer documentation)
  • Accessible through Modern APIs designed by developers, for developers
  • Easy integration with support from dedicated Spire engineers
  • 24/7 global satellite coverage
  • Wide array of digital resources

Configure your solution

Data points available via API

  • Events as they happen
  • Arrival time
  • Duration of events
  • Departure time
  • Draught changes
  • Polygon type
  • Port information (port name, LOCODEs, country codes, etc.)
  • Vessel information
  • Port of call information / port calls

What is Port Events useful for?

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Vessel tracking and monitoring:

  • Monitor container ship tracking and arrival prediction by monitoring terminal and berth availability
  • Real-time monitoring of vessel movements
  • Preventing collisions and ensuring safe navigation
  • Facilitating efficient traffic management within ports

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Port optimization:

  • Reduce vessel turnaround times, improve berth occupancy rates, and increase port throughput.
  • Facilitates efficient scheduling.
  • Reduces congestion.
  • Minimize waiting times.
  • Improves port infrastructure and resources.
  • Make informed decisions related to infrastructure planning, resource management and operational processes.

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Port risk & environmental management:

  • Port Events offers insights into operational patterns in port. By analyzing this information, make informed decisions related to infrastructure risk and environmental management, leading to cost savings and enhanced performance.
  • Insights into type, size, and capacity of vessels entering ports.
  • Assess risks associated with vessel operations (including sanction tracking)
  • Monitor environmental impacts and potential hazards.

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Port safety & security:

  • Enhanced Port Safety and Security by providing visibility into vessel movements, activities, and interactions within the port area and surrounding waters.
  • Monitor compliance with navigation rules, regulations, and protocols
  • Identify potential risks, hazards, and security threats
  • Implement preventive measures, contingency plans, and emergency responses effectively.

Live demo

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Access our live demo and view the all the port events for a specific vessel along a portion of its voyage, and understand how Port Events can be an integral part of any Maritime solution.

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