Unleashing the power of weather intelligence for a better global supply chain

An advanced weather visualization dashboard powered by space technology

Weather plays a crucial role in supply chain management, impacting the timely delivery of weather-sensitive goods, operational efficiency, and worker safety. Customize your DeepVision™ weather dashboard to swiftly adapt your logistics and transport network to minimize weather-related disruptions.

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Introducing Spire’s DeepVision™ solution

Global and situational weather awareness

DeepVision™ is an advanced visualization weather solution, designed especially for supply chain managers, logistics professionals, operations managers, and safety officers seeking to elevate their global and situational weather awareness.

Fully customized to your needs

The highly scalable solution offers users a holistic birds-eye view on any potential weather-related roadblocks such as extreme winds or precipitation. With full customizability, companies can setup their own weather thresholds, weather alerts, areas of interest, and much more.

Advanced Weather Forecasts & Alerts

With DeepVision™, Spire Global’s weather monitoring & alerting Solution, you gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of weather insights to transform your asset and supply chain management. Unlock the full potential of your operations, minimize risks, and stay one step ahead of the elements.

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Key features of DeepVision™

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Unlocking unparalleled weather intelligence for risk mitigation and operational optimization.

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Personalized dashboards with executive overviews down to location specific details.

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Customizable alerts with user-defined thresholds for relevant meteorological warnings.

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Intuitive user interface for defining and setting locations, including airports, METAR stations, sea ports, and specific points of interest.

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Interactive world map for setting alerts, optimizing routes, and analysing targeted areas.

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Protection of weather-sensitive cargo through real-time outdoor temperature monitoring.

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Capable of monitoring your entire asset or logistical network in realtime.

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Our team of experts is here to assist with system configuration and ongoing support.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights for operational excellence

By integrating Spire’s advanced weather forecasts, weather alerts and actionable insights, DeepVision™ gives your business a competitive edge in operational planning and management. Through a personalized weather visualization dashboard, you’ll gain a holistic view of weather conditions along any path, within any area, or near any point of interest. Whether it’s lightning strike density, wind gusts, temperature extremes, or precipitation, DeepVision™ allows you to incorporate meteorological warnings tailored to your specific use case.

Precision monitoring

Customizable location settings for precision monitoring

DeepVision™’s user-friendly interface enables you to define and set locations with ease. Whether it’s airports, METAR stations, sea ports, specific points of interest, any area or even any route along your supply chain, our intuitive platform allows you to customize and monitor the weather conditions that matter most to you. Leverage our space-powered technology to set alerts for production facilities, shipping hubs, distribution points, warehouses, and every vendor site involved in your supply chain network. Pinpoint each stage, considering distribution, warehousing, manufacturing support, repair options, and transportation variables. DeepVision™ ensures that you have comprehensive weather insights at every step of your supply chain, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Optimize operations

Protect your weather-sensitive cargo, optimize operations

For businesses handling weather-sensitive cargo, DeepVision™ is a vital tool. Know the exact outdoor temperature during loading and off-loading times, and take immediate action to protect your perishable goods. With this insight, cold chain supply managers can reroute shipments or implement additional insulation measures, ensuring the integrity and quality of their valuable cargo.

Actionable alerts

Stay ahead of disruptions with actionable alerts

With DeepVision™’s interactive world map, you can set alerts for crucial points, optimize routes, and analyze targeted areas. Our solution enables you to monitor weather conditions along transportation routes, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your supply chain operations. By receiving real-time, actionable weather insights, you can proactively address potential disruptions, maintain business continuity, and deliver goods

Prioritize safety

Prioritize workers’ safety

Protecting your workforce is paramount. DeepVision™ equips you with the tools to prioritize worker safety in the face of adverse weather conditions. By monitoring weather patterns and receiving real-time alerts of perilous weather, you can take proactive measures to ensure the well-being of your employees. Whether it’s adjusting work schedules, implementing safety protocols, or providing timely warnings, DeepVision™ helps you safeguard your most valuable asset: your people.

Why choose DeepVision™?

  • Proactively monitor weather conditions to anticipate potential supply chain disruptions.
  • Optimize planning and management of weather-impacted operations.
  • Highly scalable solution; capable of monitoring anywhere from 1 to over 1 million assets.
  • Efficiently manage distributed assets and infrastructure.
  • Prioritize worker safety with real-time weather alerts.
  • Maximize operational efficiency across your supply chain.

Experience the future of supply chain weather management with DeepVision™ by Spire.

Gain unparalleled weather intelligence, mitigate risks, and optimize your operations. Stay one step ahead with actionable alerts and personalized insights. Join us on this transformative journey to unleash the true potential of your supply chain.

Customer testimonials

Our weather data making an impact in the real world

“The volume of data, flexibility and support we get from Spire’s weather team is unmatched. We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders as we continue to innovate and build toward a greener, more sustainable future.”

Luc Terral
Co-founder – BluePulse

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“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business Development Manager – Predictwind

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“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Søren Meyer
CEO – ZeroNorth

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