Federal solutions

Mission-critical satellite data and space services to protect and empower.

Our government-tailored portfolio of global maritime, aviation, and weather solutions is built for peak situational awareness and environmental monitoring.

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Two distinct paths to greater Earth intelligence

Global monitoring, near real-time data streams, and custom historical datasets collected by a constellation of over 110 low-orbit cube satellites equipped with multi-use radio frequency sensors.

Learn about our deal with NASA to provide tens of thousands of radio occultation data profiles per day.

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Hosted payloads and custom-manufactured nanosatellites, transported on our reliable LEMUR 3U or 6U cubesat bus to low earth orbit.

Learn how the Australia Office of National Intelligence went from hosted payload order to orbit in less than 6 months.

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Data solutions

Global, multi-domain situational awareness

Global AIS data for maritime intelligence

We deliver over 80 million AIS messages daily through our AIS message and vessels data feeds, providing groundbreaking accuracy and coverage even in high-traffic and remote zones.

ADS-B data for air tracking and monitoring

Access a streaming global ADS-B service and historical database to support application development, analysis, and strategic decision-making.

Earth intelligence & atmospherics

Our constellation leverages GNSS signals to collect atmospheric data used to improve weather forecasts, measure sea ice and soil moisture, and monitor various Earth properties.

Highly accurate weather forecasting

Spire offers a proprietary weather forecast model powered by our radio occultation data and custom predictive models, producing highly accurate, global high-resolution forecasts with over 100 discrete variables.

Space Services

Fast, reliable, and secure access to orbit

Spire offers hosted payload services for software defined radios (SDRs), custom antennae, and customer payloads. Spire Space Services is designed to accommodate new customer payloads quickly, enabling rapid rollout of new capabilities.

Spire’s reliable launch schedule and ability to design, assemble, and test our LEMUR satellites in-house allows for new bespoke sensors to go from design to launch in as little as six months.

The Spire LEMUR is fully qualified with 300 years of collective space flight heritage. Our platform is unique due to Spire’s repeatable processes that leverage evolving technologies to rapidly deploy the best components and software into space.

Earth Intelligence


On November 20, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration awarded its first contract to purchase operational radio occultation data from Spire Global. The award is the culmination of years of work to develop, manufacture and operate satellites to gather atmospheric temperature, pressure and water vapor observations to feed into operational weather forecasts.

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Space Services


Spire is hosting Jacobs’ ISR payloads on our LEMUR 3U CubeSats in an effort to rapidly validate several of Jacobs’s next-generation innovative space technologies on orbit. Jacobs saw an opportunity to reduce risk, maintain control, save time, and decrease costs by hosting its payloads on Spire’s 3U CubeSat buses.

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Space Services

Australia Office of National Intelligence (ONI)

Our collaboration with Australian Office of National Intelligence (ONI) saw the rapid development of the Djara satellite from concept to orbital deployment. The Djara satellite is part of an Australian National Intelligence Community program to experiment with commercial satellite technologies, including the on-board application of advanced machine learning capabilities.

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Federal use case


Our strong partnership with Esri has evolved over the past 18 months, resulting in a valuable location-aware data visualization platform for our customers to visualize our AIS, ADS-B, and weather forecast data. Through the Esri ArcGIS platform, Spire provides data and upgrade services for existing ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise users. Users can access Spire AIS, ADS-B, and weather data through the ArcGIS data visualization platform.

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Federal use case


Spire teamed up with Ursa Space Systems to participate in an evaluation for a customer to demonstrate the capabilities of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) imaging and AIS data. Spire worked with Ursa to fuse AIS data tracks with SAR imaging to help detect and monitor a wide variety of vessels of interest in an effort to improve maritime domain awareness. The partnership and evaluation spotlighted the key benefits of SAR/AIS fusion and proved that an operational prototype would be beneficial to future customers.

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Federal use case


Spire and Pole Star have partnered closely over the past 3 years to provide high-quality space-based maritime domain awareness data through Spire’s AIS capability. This partnership enables Pole Star to provide one of the six branches of the United States Armed Forces with near real-time maritime data in regions that are otherwise impossible to cover with terrestrial sensor networks.

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