Signals intelligence constellations

From the radio frequency experts

Signals of interest across VHF, UHF, L, S, X, Ku and Ka Band

globe points icon Signal spoofing
GNSS jamming spoofing detection and geolocation icon GNSS jamming spoofing detection and geolocation
Dark ship detection icon Dark ship detection
Push-to-talk radios icon Sat phone detection

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Radio frequency data collection

development icon

Radio frequency collection platform

Ranging from a single satellite to constellation

3d coverage icon

Global spectrum basemaps

Developed for specific frequencies of interest

atmospheric data icon

Geospatial intelligence reports

Case by case reports generated by API based on customizable data input

Satellite constellation product offers

Spire Space Services can provide you with ready and available off-the-shelf ISR products that can be deployed in as little as 9 months, allowing any national agency or organisation to build its own state-of-the-art RF intelligence capabilities.


Foundational intelligence mission

Investigation readiness mission

Build your own mission

Simultaneous band tracking icon
Simultaneous band tracking
Bands covered icon
Bands covered
VHF, GNSS, Satcom L-band. Optional: UHFVHF, UHF, GNSS, Satcom L-band, S-Band. Optional: X-BandVHF, UHF, GNSS, Satcom L-band, S-band. Optional: X-Band
Geolocation accuracy icon
Geolocation accuracy
Narrow band up to 50km accuracy
Wide band up to 1km*
Narrow band up to 5km accuracy
Wide band up to 50m*
Narrow band up to 5km accuracy
Wide band up to 50m*
Coverage icon
Revisit rate icon
Revisit rate
24 Hour – 0.5 Hour
1 Cluster X 4 Lemur 4U –
20 Cluster X 4 Lemur 4U
24 Hour – 0.5 Hour
1 Cluster X 2 Lemur 8U –
20 Cluster X 2 Lemur 8U
24 Hour – 0.5 Hour
1 Cluster X 2 Lemur 16U –
20 Cluster X 2 Lemur 16U
Optical capabilities icon
Optical capabilities
Spire platform icon
Spire platform

*Circular error probability at 95%

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Mission operations for your payloads

Spire Space Services enables you to achieve your defence and security objectives in an agile, responsive and cost-effective manner. Spire’s experienced team has a proven track record and can provide you with an unrivalled offering:


To capture the information you need


To a level that can be plugged directly into your current systems


To meet all your security needs

Our user interface features

api icon
Working through API – simple to use and install

secure Icon
Fully encrypted network with opportunity to add your own encryption layer

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AWS cloud based infrastructure

To find out more about signals intelligence constellations, including GNSS jamming, signal spoofing, sat phone detection and dark vessel shipping, download our data sample report:

Spire satellite constellation in space redefining defence intelligence with advanced features. Safeguard operations from jamming and GNSS spoofing