Our purpose

The promise of space is here

Can top-quality data—analyzed and enriched by savvy experts—really help us build a better future? We think so.


As a global, mission-driven company, Spire wants the information we collect and analyze to help make our world a safer, cleaner, more prosperous and more equitable place.

Whether we are providing uncannily accurate weather forecasts to minimize the impact of natural disasters or location data to protect assets, optimize efficiency, and mitigate risk, we empower our customers to address our planet’s toughest challenges with deliberate speed.

Together, we’re reaching toward a world where commerce coexists with nature. Where economies flourish to support thriving families and safer communities. Where no child goes hungry, and no wild creature is driven to extinction.

We believe predictive analytics show patterns that can change our future. We’re here to change that future for the better.


Our vision and mission

At Spire, we imagine a thriving world of sustainable abundance – and we believe insights and information from the ultimate vantage point – space – about our current world, can help us build a better one by placing previously unavailable knowledge about Earth into the hands of decision-makers so they can lead, act and plan with confidence. Spire uses data about every point on Earth to solve global problems and unlock human potential.

We believe our work leads to a world of sustainable GDP growth, and research shows that when you increase the GDP, economies thrive, energy abounds, and opportunity exists for all.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to provide previously unattainable knowledge and insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point – space – to enable organizations to act now and make smarter, better, faster decisions about what to do next in a rapidly changing world.

We are global

We use our data to solve worldwide problems. The diverse viewpoints, skills, and experiences of our globally distributed team drives our growth. Our technology covers the entire planet, and our market is the entire world. Whether it’s Kansas or Kuala Lumpur, we meet our customers and partners wherever they are.

We are unbounded

We are paradigm-free — consistently raising the bar of performance for ourselves and the measure of excellence for our clients. We approach every challenge head-on, and with vigor, ready to surface the unknown unknowns that hinder progress. For us, nothing is impossible.

We are faster

We ferociously tackle customer problems and move with a sense of urgency. We deliver the right result now, and constantly iterate to improve. We achieve in a week what used to take years. The world is moving faster, and our customers must respond and make decisions more quickly. The stakes could not be higher, and there isn’t a moment to lose.

We are reliable

Our customers trust us for their critical business decisions, and our team-mates trust us to deliver the results they need, on time, every time. Whether it’s predicting the position of a ship or the path of a hurricane, we are accountable for our results and consistently deliver excellence.

We are relentless

We embrace the truth that exceptional outcomes are not possible without exceptional effort, and that tenacity is more valuable than just talent. We strive to deliver a superior customer experience, even and especially when that means countless hours of mundane, unglamorous labor.

We are collaborative

Our collective success or failure rests with our ability to work effectively, with courtesy and professionalism, with our customers, our team, partners, regulators, and competitors. We always know our customer, asking questions to understand and learn from them, reading between the lines, and working proactively to deliver the right result for them.