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Our values

We are global

We are global. We use our data to solve global problems. The diverse viewpoints, skills, and experiences of our global teams drives our growth.

We are faster

The fast eat the slow. We ferociously tackle customer problems and move with a sense of urgency.

We are reliable

We do what we say we will do. Our customers trust us with their critical business decisions and our teammates trust us to deliver the results they need – on time, every time.

We are relentless

We never give up. We embrace the truth that exceptional outcomes are not possible without exceptional effort – tenacity is more valuable than talent alone.

We are unbounded

We think freely and act boldly. Our world faces new and unique problems; solving them requires unconstrained thinking where the only boundaries are the laws of physics.

We are collaborative

Winning is a team sport. Our collective success or failure rests with our ability to work effectively, with courtesy and professionalism, with our customers, our team, partners, regulators, and competitors.

At Spire, we believe that innovation is a team effort and success occurs across cultures, markets, and even space. Our dynamic teams create groundbreaking data products that revolutionize markets and we do it every day with eagerness and hard work.

Our global workforce develops solutions for industry challenges and pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking with passion and imagination. Our hands-on work culture moves at a fast pace and navigates offices and time zones around the world. We are unique. We are curious. And we never stop asking “what if…”

Join us as we inspire tomorrow’s innovations.


Our employees have a relentless desire for self-improvement, and it isn’t just limited to work. They take classes, travel the world, learn instruments and languages, and run their first marathons.

6 global offices

Our mission

To inspire, lead, and create the business of Earth observation for the benefit of all.

Washington DC

Spire’s newest office is located at the heart of the satellite revolution. Our DC location is home to the Spire Federal and legal teams, made up of dedicated, mission-oriented individuals working diligently to address national security concerns. The Spire Federal office is surrounded by a fast-moving culture that boasts great restaurants, high tech companies, and all types of personalities. Here in our nation’s capital, a LEMUR can fit right in!

Job openings in Washington DC
Spire DC


This office is growing fast. Luxembourg serves as a gateway to mainland Europe. Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are only a short train ride away, and many locals speak 3 to 4 languages fluently. This office is home for the Maritime team and other business support teams.

Job openings in Luxembourg


The Singapore team fully captures the entrepreneurial spirit of Spire. This office is  full of energetic self-starters carving out Spire’s niche in Asia. Like other Spire offices, the team members hail from all over the world and the office is an incredible hub of cross-cultural knowledge.

Job openings in Singapore


It’s hard to talk about Spire’s Glasgow office culture without mentioning a pop down to the pub for a pint. The team is incredibly close-knit and it helps that Spire rents a large townhouse, in addition to the office, for the constant flow of visiting team members.

Job openings in Glasgow


Nestled under the Flatirons is Spire’s weather team in Boulder. Its quiet and reserved nature is a nice contrast to the open layout of the San Francisco office. Team members often enjoy the local hiking and skiing the area has to offer.

Job openings in Boulder

San Francisco

San Francisco is where it all began for Spire. This office has some of the best social lunch runs in the company. It’s not uncommon for Spire to cause a small flashmob at the local grocery store deli or brewery (well dressed in lemur onesies, of course).

Job openings in San Francisco

Diversity and Inclusion

Spire is Global and our success draws upon the diverse viewpoints, skills and experiences of our employees. Our employees represent over 32 countries, across 6 different continents.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status.

Working at Spire


We care about the whole you. No matter where you work at Spire, you can take advantage of our health, wellness, and retirement resources because a happy team member is a healthy one.

Family leave

Family is important. Our parental and family leave is designed to let you make the most of those precious moments.

Learning and development

As part of our core philosophy, Spire more than encourages and supports ongoing personal improvement and a growth mindset, WE WELCOME IT!

Name your own satellite

Be remembered throughout time by choosing a name for a  LEMUR satellite.

Snacks & more

Hungry? Grab a drink or snack in our well-stocked common areas (we even cover a weekly lunch).

Unbounded vacation policy

Take the time you need. Our flexible time-off policy promotes a positive work-life balance.



“Everyone should be better off for having worked at Spire. That’s the bar we set for ourselves. I’ve been a Harvard career coach for 20 years with a deep passion for individual growth, fairness in compensation, and maximizing intrinsic motivation to do what is necessary to deliver outstanding results.”

Peter Platzer
Peter Platzer
Spire Global CEO
Nick Molo

At Spire I’ve had incredible opportunities to work on amazing products and solve complex problems. It’s not always easy, but it is rewarding. Having a satellite in space that I was able to name is pretty cool too.

Nick Molo, Hardware Engineer, Glasgow
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