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At Spire, we believe that innovation is a team effort and success occurs across cultures, markets, and even space. Our dynamic teams create groundbreaking data solutions that revolutionize markets and we do it every day with eagerness and hard work.

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Our values

We are global

We use our data to solve global problems. The diverse viewpoints, skills, and experiences of our globally distributed team drives our growth.

We collaborate across time zones and continents. We jump on calls at odd hours and add pages to our passports. We build applications that enable a better future for humanity.

Our technology covers the entire planet, and our market is the entire world. Whether it’s Kansas or Kuala Lumpur, we meet our customers and partners wherever they are.

Spire superstars live Global by:

  • Seeing the big picture, understanding how their ideas impact others.
  • Being willing to travel and take calls at strange hours, to meet and collaborate with their customers and their colleagues where they are.
  • Being naturally curious, open minded, and drawing upon the diverse viewpoints, skills, and experiences of the global team.

We are unbounded

We think freely, and act boldly. Our world faces new and unique problems; solving them requires unconstrained thinking, where the only boundary conditions are the laws of physics.

We actively look for the path less travelled. We dislike dogma and embrace data when making decisions and measuring performance. We relish the crazy ideas, and believe that the best ones do not come with titles attached. We turn science fiction into tangible results.

Spire superstars live Unbounded by:

  • Actively soliciting a diversity of viewpoints and discomforting data, to drive decisions and reduce bias
  • Always being curious, asking “why”, considering new ways of solving problems, not accepting “this is just how it’s done”
  • Being willing to share their craziest ideas, at the risk of being wrong, sounding stupid, or making mistakes – and creating an environment where others feel comfortable to do the same

We are faster

The fast eat the slow. We ferociously tackle customer problems and move with a sense of urgency.

We deliver the right result now, and constantly iterate to improve. We achieve in a week what used to take years.

The world is moving faster, and our customers must respond and make decisions more quickly. The stakes could not be higher, and there isn’t a moment to lose.

Spire superstars live Faster by:

  • Self-starting, proactively finding solutions while constantly focusing on “how we can be faster than the next-best competitor”
  • Acting with a sense of urgency; it’s not the big that eat the small, but the fast that eat the slow
  • Having a bias for action: exercising good judgement in when to seek more data and when to start somewhere and iterate
  • Working iteratively: focusing on what is really important for the customer now. Deliver fast, fail fast, learn fast, improve fast, deliver fast again.
  • Striving to think ahead of what problems our customers will face next

We are reliable

We do what we say we will do. Our customers trust us for their critical business decisions, and our team-mates trust us to deliver the results they need, on time, every time.

Whether it’s predicting the position of a ship or the path of a hurricane, we are accountable for our results and consistently deliver excellence. Our colleagues trust us to meet ambitious deadlines and quickly communicate issues when they arise.

We take responsibility when we fall short, and work proactively to find solutions.

Spire superstars live Reliable by:

  • Consistently delivering the right result, on-time
  • Being trustworthy and able to work autonomously
  • Engaging with stakeholders when appropriate, and escalating when delivery is at risk (no news is good news)
  • Taking responsibility for their work, being accountable for their mistakes and proactively finding solutions
  • Taking pride in their work and the collective accomplishments of the company

We are relentless

We never give up. We embrace the truth that exceptional outcomes are not possible without exceptional effort – tenacity is more valuable than just talent.

We strive to deliver a superior customer experience, even and especially when that means countless hours of mundane, unglamorous labor.

We constantly grow and improve, iterating on our products and on ourselves. Whether it means tweaking that same code 100 times or working long hours to get our satellite on a rocket, we must constantly earn the right to keep playing a never-ending game.

Spire superstars live Relentless by:

  • Continually striving to do and be better; expecting more from themselves and others
  • Not accepting failure or giving up until finding a solution,
  • A never ending pursuit to solve our customer’s pain points.
  • Having a growth mindset: thinking in constant iterations and improvements instead of absolutes

We are collaborative

Winning is a team sport. Our collective success or failure rests with our ability to work effectively, with courtesy and professionalism, with our customers, our team, partners, regulators, and competitors.

We always know our customer, asking questions to understand and learn from them, reading between the lines, and working proactively to deliver the right result for them.

We prioritize the success of our customers and our team above our own egos. We take pride in our contributions, but always have an eye on our common goal: it’s always “my job.”

Spire superstars live Collaborative by:

  • Prioritizing team success over ego, asking “what can I contribute to the team” instead of “how can I get more credit”
  • Caring about their colleagues as people, and empowering their team to solve their own problems
  • Being willing to stick their neck out and start a discussion even (and especially) when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Engaging in robust discussion, and sharing thoughts and insights respectfully.
  • Once a decision is made, committing fully.
  • Being direct, transparent, and respectful with feedback

I am heard

What our team has to say…

Who I am

  • I came to Spire to hear what the Earth is trying to say.
  • I came to Spire to take the theory of academia to the practice of actual impact.
  • I came to Spire to work on massive global problems, and watch our solutions have real-world individual human impact.
  • I came to Spire to be part of a movement to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous Earth.
  • I came to Spire to help create and dominate a new market of space companies not looking to colonize space, but help Earth thrive.
  • I came to Spire so I can work with individual purpose and mastery, and on a collective, collaborative mission.
  • I came to Spire to be a frontrunner in the space industry.
  • I came to Spire for the visionary and smart  thinkers that inspire me every day and help to grow both personally and professionally.
  • I work at Spire because the company values both my technical competence, and how my personal life mission aligns with the values and mission of the company.
  • I came to Spire because I can be my authentic self every day when I come to work, and see that valued and leveraged for the good of the company.
  • I came to Spire to learn.
  • I came to Spire to try new things, fail, grow and succeed.
  • I came to Spire because of its rich and established space heritage, that most new-space companies don’t have.

What I do

Theme of Self-Growth:

  • I get to transform
  • I get to be a leader
  • I learn to be comfortable with change and growth
  • I learn new skills and see the impact of my work
  • I learn to rise above
  • I get to have foundational experiences
  • I get to thrive in an environment of people and relationships

Theme of Company Environment / People:

  • I get to grow in a supportive environment
  • I am provided autonomy with a safety net
  • I get to be surrounded by people who are brilliant, diverse, curious, collaborative, driven, mission-oriented, humble, generous, global…

Theme of Technology / Market / Boundary Expansion:

  • I expand the boundaries of what is possible
  • I work with cutting edge technology
  • I create and build new markets
  • I put things in space
  • I name a satellite
  • I have an impact
  • I am part of the solution
  • I move fast

Why I stay

  • I learn, grow, and develop my career quickly.
  • I travel to different countries and work with a diverse group of skilled professionals.
  • I personally benefit from the company’s success and I’m recognized for my contributions.
  • I am trusted by the company, with autonomy and flexibility.
  • I am paid fairly, and paid enough to focus on things other than cash.
  • I see my work in space, solving important problems for real people.

Why I belong

  • I am part of a team that cares for each other (empathy)
  • I can see the impact of my unique contributions, I’m not just a cog in the machine, others depend on me (opportunity)
  • I get to work with brilliant people that are always willing to help and share their knowledge (brilliant people/growth/learning)
  • Everyone is interested in trying and learning something new, not just relying on what exists (learning culture)
  • I am surrounded by people from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, and experiences that enrich me every day (diversity)
  • Everyone on my team is extremely passionate (passion)
  • Spire is a highly dynamic environment where people are open minded and willing to challenge the status quo  (dynamic)
  • I get to work for bold leaders with bold visions (vision)
Employee spotlight

“At Spire I’ve had incredible opportunities to work on amazing data solutions and solve complex problems. It’s not always easy, but it is rewarding. Having a satellite in space that I was able to name is pretty cool, too.”

Nick Molo
Senior Systems Engineer, San Francisco

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Working at Spire


We care about the whole you. No matter where you work at Spire, you can take advantage of our health, wellness, and retirement resources because a happy team member is a healthy one.

Family leave

Family is important. Our parental and family leave is designed to let you make the most of those precious moments.

Learning & development

As part of our core philosophy, Spire more than encourages and supports ongoing personal improvement and a growth mindset, WE WELCOME IT!

Name your own satellite

Be remembered throughout time by choosing a name for a LEMUR satellite.

Unbounded vacation policy

Take the time you need. Our flexible time-off policy promotes a positive work-life balance.


Our mission

To inspire, lead, and create the business of Earth observation for the benefit of all.

  • Munich

    A city with a big heart, as suave as it is easygoing, buzzing and yet tranquil. Munich is more than home to the classic Oktoberfest, it is Germany’s lifestyle capital. Spire’s newest office further expands our global and technology footprint.

    View Job Openings
    Spire Global Germany GmbH
    Koppstraße 12
    81379 München

  • Oxfordshire

    The Spire office at Harwell Campus, just south of Oxford, may be small in size, but is excellently situated at the heart of one of the UK’s major science and technology innovation hubs. Physically located within the Satellite Applications Centre, the office is an excellent place for networking with like-minded players in the UK space industry.

    View Job Openings
    Electron Building
    Fermi Avenue
    Harwell Campus
    OX11 0QR, UK

    +44 (0)1235 567384
  • Cambridge, ON

    Spires newest office is located in the region of Waterloo, one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech sectors. Our Cambridge location is staffed with a team that embodies the innovative spirit and propels a work culture of diversity, fun, and collaboration. It won’t take long to feel like family at the Cambridge office, where individualities are celebrated and everyone is welcomed. You can count on the social committee always eagerly planning the next social event.

    View Job Openings
    260 Holiday Inn Dr, Unit 30,
    Bldg B Cambridge, Ontario
    Canada N3C4E8

    +1 519 622 4445
  • Washington DC

    Spire’s headquarters is located at the heart of the satellite revolution. Our DC location is home to the Spire Federal and legal teams, made up of dedicated, mission-oriented individuals working diligently to address national security concerns. The Spire Federal office is surrounded by a fast-moving culture that boasts great restaurants, high tech companies, and all types of personalities. Here in our nation’s capital, a LEMUR can fit right in!

    View Job Openings
    8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1100
    Vienna, Virginia 22182
    United States of America

    +1 202 301 5127
  • Luxembourg

    This office is growing fast. Luxembourg serves as a gateway to mainland Europe. Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are only a short train ride away, and many locals speak 3 to 4 languages fluently. This office is home for the Maritime team and other business support teams.

    View Job Openings
    33 rue Sainte Zithe
    L-2763 Luxembourg-Ville

    +352 285 5 031
  • Singapore

    The Singapore team fully captures the entrepreneurial spirit of Spire. This office is  full of energetic self-starters carving out Spire’s niche in Asia. Like other Spire offices, the team members hail from all over the world and the office is an incredible hub of cross-cultural knowledge.

    View Job Openings
    61 Robinson Road #08-02
    Singapore 068893

    +65 643 81 630
  • Glasgow

    The team is incredibly close-knit and it’s hard to talk about Spire’s Glasgow office culture without mentioning a pop down to the pub for a pint.

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    Skypark 6, 64 Finnieston Square
    Glasgow, G3 8ET
    United Kingdom

    +44 (0) 141 343 8 260
  • Boulder

    Nestled under the Flatirons is Spire’s weather team in Boulder. Its quiet and reserved nature is a nice contrast to the open layout of the San Francisco office. Team members often enjoy the local hiking and skiing the area has to offer.

    View Job Openings
    1690 38th Street
    Boulder, CO 80301
    United States of America

    +1 720 643 2230
  • San Francisco

    San Francisco is where it all began for Spire. This office has some of the best social lunch runs in the company. It’s not uncommon for Spire to cause a small flashmob at the local grocery store deli or brewery (well dressed in lemur onesies, of course).

    View Job Openings
    233 Sansome Street 12th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    United States of America

    +1 308 224 2415

A message from our CEO

“Everyone should be better off for having worked at Spire. That’s the bar we set for ourselves. I’ve been a Harvard career coach for 20 years with a deep passion for individual growth, fairness in compensation, and maximizing intrinsic motivation to do what is necessary to deliver outstanding results.”

Peter Platzer


Spire Global employees - diversity & inclusion


Diversity and inclusion

Spire is global and our success draws upon the diverse viewpoints, skills and experiences of our employees. Our employees represent over 32 countries, across 6 different continents.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status.