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Leaders At Spire

It’s rare to find a leader with both outstanding interpersonal skills and exceptional technical prowess. For that reason, Spire doesn’t have traditional managers - it has coaches and captains. While it isn’t unheard of to have a captain who is also a coach, such people are extraordinary.

Coaches are great people leaders. They utilize their high-level of interpersonal skills in mentoring their players. They offer insight into career paths, communicate about performance and promotion, ensure fair compensation, and are generally responsible for the growth of the people that they work with.

Captains are the technical leaders who are ultimately responsible for driving results. They utilize their knowledge to know who should be on their team, how to budget their projects, and assess team performance. Furthermore, technical architects are the minds behind how satellite subsystems behave and how the technical roadmap will meet customer needs.

Quarterly Coaching Discussions

Every three months, coaches meet with their players to discuss growth (autonomy & mastery) and purpose (alignment of personal goals to Spire’s vision). This isn’t a performance review, it’s the kind of coaching you might get from a private career coach.

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