Soil Moisture Insights

Discover a world where precision meets sustainability

Powered by our constellation of GNSS-R satellites and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, Spire’s comprehensive Soil Moisture Insights offers an unparalleled understanding of soil moisture levels worldwide backed by a comprehensive 40-year data archive.

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Spire’s soil moisture monitoring is a game changer

Aerial view of landscapes

High-resolution data

Explore the world with clarity at 6 km or 500 m resolution, perfect for detailed local analysis, while remaining scalable enough to accommodate large-scale regional applications.

Global coverage

Your operations are global, and so is our data. Gain access to precise soil moisture information for any location worldwide, updated daily.

Robust historical archive

Benefit from over 40 years of historical soil moisture data to make informed decisions, gain insights into climate trends, and enhance Artificial Intelligence models and data science applications.

Seamless integration

Delivered via an intuitive API, integrating Spire’s data into your systems is straightforward, ensuring seamless access to critical insights.

Strengthen your decisions with unmatched accuracy

Spire’s cutting-edge soil moisture technology delivers high-resolution, daily insights into soil moisture levels across any location globally. Imagine the power to optimize crop health, make strategic trading decisions, or mitigate environmental risks with maximum precision.

Australi, New South Wales early summer soil moisture maps at 100 m, 500 m & 6 km
Soil moisture in New South Wales, Australia, shown from 6 km to 500 m down to 100 m

Who benefits from Soil Moisture Insights?

  • Commodity traders

    Leverage up-to-date global soil moisture insights for strategic trading decisions, staying ahead of market fluctuations.

  • Insurance innovators

    Utilize soil moisture data for accurate premium calculation and innovative parametric insurance schemes, transforming how agricultural risks are managed.

  • Farmers and agricultural managers

    Enhance crop yields by leveraging precise soil moisture data to refine crop management practices and optimize irrigation scheduling.

  • Data scientists

    Use 40 years of historical data and daily updated global soil moisture data to train AI models and create real-world applications.

  • Urban planners

    Utilize soil moisture data to evaluate ground stability, optimize foundation design, assess slope stability, and ensure the success and durability of civil engineering projects.

  • Environmental stewards

    Monitor and manage water resources effectively, contributing to conservation efforts and climate change impact mitigation.

Join the movement for a better-informed and more sustainable world

With Spire, stepping into the future of agricultural and environmental management means embracing innovation that empowers your decisions and enhances the resilience of our global ecosystem. Our mission is to elevate your operations with unparalleled insights into the Earth’s most fundamental resource: its soil.


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Dive into the details of what makes Spire’s Soil Moisture Insights solution the preferred choice for global leaders in agriculture, insurance, commodity trading, and environmental management.

Discover the depth of possibilities when precision meets sustainability.

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