Ground Station Network

Operate your space mission with the Spire ground station network, built to seamlessly uplink and downlink your satellite constellation data, delivering data directly into your AWS S3 bucket.

Covering frequency bands UHF, S-Band, X-Band, Ku Band & Ka Band.

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A global network presence

Our expansive network footprint spans the globe, with strategically positioned ground stations to ensure comprehensive coverage. To further expand our proprietary global network and enhance its capabilities, we have forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders KSAT and Kepler. Both Spire and third-party ground stations integrate seamlessly with Spire Space Services satellites and our Constellation Management Platform, and customers can select which individual stations to activate for their data downlinks.

Spire ground station icon Spire ground stationsPartner ground station icon Partner ground stations

Global map showing Spire ground stations and partner ground station locations

Secure and encrypted

The Spire ground segment operates in bent pipe mode, with encrypted satellite data being passed directly to our secure cloud in AWS without caching or decryption. As a result, your data travels securely and safely through the Spire system to reach you.

Customers can optionally add their encryption on top of Spire’s encryption, using keys only they hold. Using client-side encryption ensures that your data remains protected and confidential, providing you with peace of mind while handling sensitive information.

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Automatic ground station scheduling & management

Guaranteed performance

Secure and encrypted

Hands off operations

Satellite constellation licensing and regulation

Your satellite constellation operates reliably by delivering data through a network of pre-licensed, fully operational, and functional ground stations. By leveraging Spire’s over 11+ years of Radio Frequency (RF) solutions, supported through authorization across multiple jurisdictions sanctioned for data collection and transfer, you can save years of RF licensing and frequency coordination.

Spire official & legal entities icon Spire official & legal entitiesSpire Global icon Regulatory & licensing framework experience

Global map showing Spire official licensed & legal entities and regulatory & licensing framework experience areas

Elevate your satellite operations with automated excellence

Maximise the potential of your constellation with our network’s advanced automation capabilities. Streamline operations through efficient resource allocation, rapidly respond to changing demands, and save operations costs with lights-out operations.

Direct control of your assets

You control your payload directly, without any human-in-the-loop. Your commands and data flow through the Spire network fully encrypted, with the option to add a second layer of client-side encryption using keys only you hold.

Easy-to-use interface, backed by powerful APIs.

You can operate your satellites manually using a simple mission control web interface, and automate their operations at constellation scale through APIs built to integrate directly with your data products.

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Spire’s Constellation Management Platform on a laptop and desktop