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Spire designs, builds and operates the world’s largest multipurpose satellite constellation. With our proven history in space infrastructure, we provide you with unprecedented access and insights from the ultimate vantage point – space.

We empower you to navigate our changing world, reduce the cost of climate change and weather risks, while strengthening global security.

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Our industry solutions provide space-powered data that anticipate and solve your toughest challenges. Let us show you how our industry solutions can help enrich your business.

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Spire is revolutionizing maritime data. We collect, analyze, and deliver to you detailed vessel, weather, and global shipping information in near realtime – even in the most remote locations and open seas. We digitize the maritime industry with AIS tracking solutions for high traffic zones. Our solutions solve the industry’s toughest challenges. Our intelligent APIs bring new insights to your maritime operations.
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Weather & Climate

Unleash the power of cutting-edge satellite technology to enrich data on hundreds of environmental factors. We enable the creation of custom predictive models for accurate Earth monitoring and decision-making support. Our DeepVision™ dashboard combines detailed, near real-time weather and environmental data from across the globe, utilizing both ground and satellite sources for unparalleled insight.
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Spire’s global ADS-B coverage unveils a world of real-time, accurate insights for your industry. Discover next-generation space-based flight tracking data and aviation intelligence. Spire’s EURIALO project will mitigate GPS jamming and create more efficient and safe flight patterns worldwide. Our space-based aviation intelligence solutions give you precise insights to make critical operational decisions. Supercharge your aviation intelligence applications, revolutionize decision-making, and optimize your cost efficiencies.
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Spire’s government solutions provide mission-critical satellite data for US Federal, security and global defense initiatives. Spire’s Radio frequency geolocation solutions work across industries for increasing global security against dark actors. Our APIs and customized datasets offer precise maritime, aviation, and weather insights for situational awareness. Refine your global security solutions with Spire’s market-leading Earth, environment, global shipping and aviation insights.
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Space Reconnaissance

We specialize in comprehensive RF collection, precise geolocation services, and custom satellite solutions, including innovative Maritime AIS Position Validation and Anomaly detection. Our solutions inform reputable clients such as the NRO, NGA, NASA, NOAA, and the European Space Agency. Utilizing one of the largest constellations of Low Earth Orbit satellites to deliver Radio Frequency Geospatial Intelligence (RFGEOINT). As a trusted provider, Spire offers scalable, custom solutions across the climate, maritime, aviation, and space reconnaissance sectors.
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Space Services

Need more than data? Need your own satellite? Boost your global presence with a scalable and custom-built satellite constellation. Spire Space Services lets you leverage our proven space platform, global ground station network, end-to-end-manufacturing facility. We design, build and deploy a custom solution to solve your biggest industry challenges. Our LEMUR satellites have a mission-proven space heritage. Leverage our space infrastructure, including end-to-end manufacturing facilities and a global ground station network. With your data back on Earth, access your personalized data insights in real-time through easy-to-access APIs and dashboards.
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EURIALO: A new era in air traffic aviation surveillance

The next generation of aviation tracking from space is in development. We will increase global security, minimize the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, and increase efficiency and location accuracy.

Space Services

Spire’s Constellation Management Platform

Spire’s Constellation Management Platform (CMP) is a tool for streamlining satellite control for our customers; automating operations, simplifying tasks and enabling direct communication with space assets.
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Weather & Climate

DeepVision™: An advanced weather visualization dashboard

Customize your DeepVision™ weather dashboard to swiftly adapt your logistics and transport network to minimize weather-related disruptions in supply chain management.
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Elevate your business, and the world, from the ultimate vantage point – space

We produce custom datasets for your industry using unrivaled radio occultation technology. Every minute we gather rich insights from every point on Earth – including the most remote regions of the planet. We analyze and combined each datapoint with supplemental insights that enable data-driven decisions across the enterprise through easy-to-use APIs. Enhance your industry solution through efficiency, and fuel innovation faster than your competition.


If you could see the entire picture, predict imminent issues, and take action confidently — what would you change?

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Global insights

Unlock our data & solutions. Spire collects rich and unique datasets that track oceans, skies, land and weather 24/7. Our data collection technique means we can see the ocean currents, winds, and soil moisture.

What we do

Elevated data

Building a space-powered, global data network. Spire was formed by founders from three countries scattered across the globe, united by a common desire to build a better planet.

Our vision

Predictive analytics

Know more, change the future. We know top-quality data – analyzed and enriched by savvy experts – will help build a better future. This is why we work with companies like NVIDIA on the future of weather modelling and prediction.

Our mission

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