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Sustainability is often framed in terms of saving Earth, but in the coming decades, human existence will be challenged. In a world seemingly tearing at the seams, Spire’s data and solutions inspire the boldness and hope to create a better here and now.

Over a series of future installments, we’ll show you how Spire is delivering on that belief. Using a combination of AI assisted imagery and real world footage, we’re imagining a future world transformed by Spire’s space-based data.

Spire’s Soil Moisture Insights is one way we already deliver on that promise. We offer different resolutions for different use cases. High-resolution up to 100-meters helps predict and monitor crop yields while low-resolutions (6 kilometers) can forecast regional factors that indicate potential forest fires or droughts.

A farming couple in their 60s in a field of crops 2064

Using AI, we imagine a better future for all farmers. Today, Spire’s Soil Moisture Insights enables farmers to ensure abundant crop yields, predict potential crop-health issues, and increase food production for humankind.

Spire’s Soil Moisture Insights data delivers more efficient crop growth

Soil moisture is a vital aspect for measuring of biodiversity and crop health. Beyond helping farmers “see” below the surface, soil moisture levels give insights into the health of ecosystems, Soil moisture is even an important predictor before forest fires occur and helps mitigate the dangers of landslides and droughts.

Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are applied to enhance this data to deliver a comprehensive and unparalleled view of soil moisture around the globe. Spire’s high-resolution soil moisture data is available worldwide and already in use by farmers, scientists, and commodity traders.

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Australi, New South Wales early summer soil moisture maps at 100m, 500m & 6km

Use cases

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Future-proofing agriculture: Spire’s Soil Moisture Insights and coffee plights

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The causes and impacts of the Panama Canal drought

Using Spire Maritime, Weather and Climate data, the root causes of the Panama Canal drought have been put to light.

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Cicada invasion: US farmers prepare as rare double brood emerges

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